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Today's 6th graders were definitely bad. One of them grabbed the school phone and dialed 911 then quickly hung up. :/


So about a year ago I replaced the battery in my GameCube, but as pictured below slightly melted the ribbon cable. System still worked so I didn't pay any mind. Just replaced the board with a new one and suddenly my wavebird I thought broke works again.


Today was the first day we opened the library to the kids at lunch. For 6th grade once the announcement that the library was open was made it was a mad house. 30 students when to start I could only take 10. 7th/8th grade lunch was easier luckily.


My Wavebird controller and receiver are being weird and this makes me sad. Combine that with my internal 4K CC being weird and Nero is currently a sad little boy. :(


Last update on my aunt. She's officially in hospice. Doctor's can't really peg whether it'll be a few days or a few weeks she has left. Parents are going up tomorrow to see her one last time. Gonna use work as a distraction for me. Love to you all.


Remeber the knife/machete man who was supposed to be suspended? Well his suspension is up now, and just came in to see them get suspended for another 90 days. His old suspension was up last week and he made that week really bad with staff.


Really down in the dumps about my aunt. Her liver has shut down and doctors are saying she'll need to go into hospice. My father isn't taking it well, and I don't blame him as that's his older sister. Could use some cute animals to cheer me up.


Running the school library stinks when you can't actually check in or check out materials. :/


I apparently am getting my Steam Deck today. Super excited. Edit: Steam Deck got. Been messing with it and it's actually really comfy and not nearly as big as I thought it was.


Good news, so far my aunt is recovering so that's good. Bad news, she's letting herself get dehydrated so it could relapse for the kidney failure getting worse. She doesn't like the food the rehab place has I guess. Still hoping for the best.


Happy birthday taterchimp. May the best buger be your meal for today!


Always cherish your family if you are still on good terms and they are still around. Just found out my aunt's kidneys are failing so I've been told to expect the worst.


First day done. Turns out I'm the only Librarian for the school, so Nero is in charge. Also, the library hasn't had a librarian in 6 months. Time to get busy...tomorrow when I work again.


Finally got everything cleared for the second job, I start tomorrow in the morning. Best part, I don't have to stay the entire time the school is in session, and get to leave 30 minutes before the kids get out. So I can make it to my other job easier.


Happy birthday to Mike/Torchman. I also have found a gif of your favorite mech based anime! Enjoy today, and enjoy your birthday haul!


Why is it whenever I'm finally gonna do another review copyright starts ramping up on that game/series. Spyro is being hit a bunch of copyright stuff atm, specifically PS1 originals. It sucks cause I wanna review the trilogy for my 10th anniversary.


Being paid to play PS2. Finally I've made it. XD


Nothing like taking a shit and then getting your Steam Deck email. Current status:


Bored at work. Here for a full shift at the library since I'm still waiting for my prints to clear for the other job. So why not AMA.


Man, still not comfortable with the temps my rig is at right now. Ordered a better Noctua cooler that should come tomorrow. Hope that helps this cause I wanna at least be 60 idling.


Put a Noctua fan in my Gamecube. It's super silent now and the GameCube runs much cooler too. Super simple mod as well, just need the fan cable connector.


Computer may be built but damn my temperatures are suddenly WAY higher than they were before. Think my CPU cooler is finally dying. Been running it since I got my 3700X, the Wraith Prism stock one, and have been running it on my 5800X for a bit now.


Well took a day but the computer is rebuilt. One thing I like about older cases are the spots for drive bays. So I finally don't need to use an external enclosure for my bluray drive.


Just got this case changed out. Before it had USB 2.0, a Firewire port, and 1 USB 3.0. Now it has 4 USB 3.0, 1 3.1 and no firewire. Gonna move my case components into this one once I get off work.


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