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Edit: nevermind a friend bought it. So have a kitty.


Need help deciding. I'm gonna do another commission from the person who did the Ape Escape one. I'm thinking either Skies of Arcadia/Legends or Spyro the Dragon. My reasoning is with Spyro I can use it now and for a lot, for Skies it'd be for future stuff


3 weeks left of school. Hopefully it goes by fast. The students are being super extra and we just got back from a long weekend.


May the person who designed Lightning Tower 7's minigame in FFX-2 never have a cold side of a pillow, ever! I'm so angry and I rarely actually get angry when playing games.


I see we are back, hooray. Now to have QToid/DToid up in the background when I should be getting personal work done. XD


I work not at danger library anymore, but danger school now it seems. At least there's only 3 weeks left but still today was very dangerous on campus...


Late night manic-induced purchases are the worst. Guess I own a Sonic the Hedgehog motherboard now...


Can't believe it took me this long to finally commission someone for an Ape Escape themed Nerobot, but I absolutely love this one and how it turned out. Was between two poses and I liked this one the most.


Apparently I got a class action settlement check today. Problem is, they spelt my name wrong on the check! >.<


Fixed a New 3DS I had that was constantly scrolling and I could never figure out why. Turned out it was the C-Stick Nub, 3DS Circle Pad rocker switch, and a faulty button/power board. So thay maies 3 of 3 done, now to sell them.


What are the chances that after 5 screens I still don't have a working 3DS XL. Very high it seems. Just wanna fix this one so I can be done!


I got sick and am out of sick leave. It's the onset beginning of the illness too.


Welp, I officially quit repairing 3DSes. Too many faulty parts on the market being sold as legit. Mainly top screens.


Man I screwed myself by messing up on 5 repairs I was gonna sell. I'm so upset at myself cause now I can't even sell for a fraction of the cost. :(


Happy birthday to Zombie Burger Sponsor, and probably shareholder, Taterchimp. Keep raising money for the kids you amazing fellow!


Got my lot of Super Famicoms, and FedEx destroyed 2 of the shells which sucks.


I managed to snag a CE copy of TotK from Amazon. My bank account now weeps. That is unless Amazon cancels it for sone reason.


I am just having bad luck with screens lately. 3DS screen I ordered has a working backlight, but the actual screen doesn't work.


Tried fixing my sister's laptop screen. Screen I ordered turned out to be defective. Sadness.


Saw the chair anime movie with friends. Liked it.


Cat somehow managed to hunt a opossum. Poor thing.


Sadness, wanted to be a responsible noodle and roll my old retirement funds into the new one. Can't, so it's either get cashed out with penalties or open a Roth IRA.


Opened up my first ever PS4 slim to clean. Was for my cousin's boyfriend. Single dirtiest console I have ever cleaned.


Can today be over already? Work is stinking cause the kids are being butts. :P


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