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Time to play "What's in the big box?"


Who needs a heater when you have 12 chromebooks charging and a server with no ac cooling it next to you.


Welp my chances of having roommates in a new place have all but gone bye bye. My friends and I were gonna move to a place, but the place would never get back to me at all. Now friends are leaving the county and I'm stuck living with my parents still. :/


Man I hate it when someone sends me an offer, I accept, then they say that they can't pay it and to cancel the order. Ruins all the traction the post was getting, and results in me having my time wasted. Current status:


Welp this morning was interesting. Guess it's a good thing I could never get my god-son's early birthday gift, a 2DS, working, cause chances are I'm never gonna see him again cause of his mother and her wife. I rarely get pissed off, but I'm livid atm.


Turns out shit hit the fan with my sister and her roommates so she's moving out today instead of Saturday. Time to start moving her stuff once I get off work.


Welp repair job failed again. I wanna keep doing it but the parts are just too expensive and hard to find good ones without there being something MASSIVE wrong with them. Like today, I got a 2DS thay worked great, open it up and notice the SD card slot...


Today has definitely been one of those days that gets to me. Normally it don't bother me, but today it has with these kids.


Welp, my new nickname from the kids is now Mr. Gordito I guess. :/


Welp Chess Club started strong but has quickly fizzled. I not get enough turnout this week they may just pull it.


Sold my extra N64 Digital system for a good amount, so now I get to funnel that money into helping my sister get out of her current lease and pay my parents back. So current status:


Anyone in Cali near Monterrey Park be careful. From what I've seen they've not caught the person who committed the mass shooting yet. Be safe out there.


Got a clone GDEMU cause the lack of updates on the MODE annoyed me. Will say I like the GDEMU menu way more than the MODE menu, even if I can't queue up discs on the former.


Clearly the only way to settle this Waifu War is to ask the birthday taco what is the best one. Once the clock strikes 12:01 though the war will be back on! (Happy birthday Wes!)


Got to meet the FBI today. So that was interesting. I see we are doing waifu wars again too, clearly the best husbando is the leading man himself Balthier. Now waifu, I can't think of a definitive one.


Played some Mario Party 2 with some friends...I fear for my kneecaps. XD


No matter how many microswitches I tried it wouldn't work. After looking through a make-shift microscope (my S21 zoomed in) I found a tiny break in the trace. That'll explain why it's unresponsive.


Happy birthday to the bestest Robotic Panda that ever Panda'd. Hope you are having a great day and thanks for all you do!


Trying to the get the new microswitch on the 2DS and no matter how many switches I try I can get the button to respond. No breaks in the traces so I'm stumped.


I already wish to go home. Already had to jump into a fist fight to break it up. Kids were wailing on each other and I happened to be walking by. Edit: day got worse somehow. Only 1 hour left before I clock out. XD


Got a bunch of spam comments from a user on a video from today saying I need to replay all of Ratchet and Clank and 100% them. First comment was fine, if repetitive, but then they commented 16 more times saying for me to heart their comment.


First repair of 2023 isn't going swimmingly. Ordered a new 2DS MB and the face buttons aren't responding and neither is the L button. Makes me realize I'm definitely picking the right time to stop 3DS repairs cause quality parts cost so much and are rare.


Making sure all my games are backed up to make sure that in case I run into trouble I can still play them. Takes forever for some Wii games. :/


The saga has finally ended. I got my invoice, and the N64 is finally on its way back to me.


Ever since Kroger bought Albertsons and Vons it has been ass getting groceries and deals for groceries. Should've had like 5 coupons and it took none of them. >:(


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