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Feel like I should stream something casual tonight but I just don't know what to stream. I've got Oblivion on the backburner still, and then there's my backlog...I don't know what to play even though I've been downsizing my game collection. Wanna stream.


Gunner's Gauntlet in FFX-2 is done. Only took me *looks at clock* 3 hours to get to max rank. Had to cheat for the last one though.


Welp, this removal of the GameCube Digital AV port went WAY smoother than my first attempt.


Forgot one TINY thing in my X-2 HD playthrough and now I'm permanently locked out of true 100% completion unless I either A) Do New Game + or B) Roll back to a save from 16 hours ago. I am angy.


Doctor 5 days ago said I didn't have strep. Then again they left the test in the solution for like 30 minutes before checking when they said it would only take 5 minutes. At the doctor's again and I am worse then last time. Asking for an antibiotic now.


I have mechanically broken FFX-2 and now I am unstoppable. Have only done the side stuff in chapter 1. Still need to do Zanarkand and Besaid.


Sorry to post so much so fast, but I got my commission for my Metroid ones. I love it.


Welp, I am grinding abilities in X-2...and I've not even done anything past the tutorial. I'm already level 25...I have a problem.


Spent all day yesterday playing Tale of Two Wastelands and am almost done with Point Lookout and have finished Anchorage. Having a blast, despite dying from this damn cough.


Think I am rither getting bronchitis or strep throat and it sucks. And it's my spring break too which double sucks.


Mod officially has failed. Tried my best but it wasn't good enough to get it to work. Oh well, maybe I can return to it one day. Glad I have that spare GameCube right now though. XD


Let it be known, installing an internal HDMI mod onto a GameCube is very hard. D:


Uncle passed at 3 this morning. Couldn't say goodbye because I got sick so now I feel double bad.


Update on my Uncle: hospital is gonna move him to my cousin's today at 5 pm. Hopefully it all goes well. Gonna distract myself with some gaming and later console modding. Gonna mod a GameCube with a Pluto IIX board in a few days, just need the flex cable.


Just got news my uncle is in hospice. Currently sad and helping my cousin out with getting them stuff so they can be with their dad.


Ipad has been fixed for my sister. Now if only she'd remember her damn Passcode! >.<


Can now say I've taken apart a Macbook before. Tis an older model, but holy hell Apple's use of screws rivals that of Nintendo! D:


Back from the con. Wasn't the most glamourous con, and the "date" part was meh, but I got a cool hat and pin at least.


At Anime Impulse on a "date" and I got a cool hat and pin.


Gamecube has been fixed. Swapped the laser assembly. Wasn't working at first. Took it apart again and now it works; guess the pressure wasn't enough beforehand.


And that was fast, Dreamcast is already fixed. The AV port wasn't bad, the console itself was just REALLY dirty. Onto the GameCube.


Found my sister's broken iPad mini today. Gonna attempt to repair it with a new screen and digitizer. Managed to order the screen and digitizer easily from iFixit luckily. Just need to wait for them to ship. It'll be a surprise for her if I get it working


Can't find my Xbox Series X controller, and here I wanted to play some FFX-2 for once.


Welp, can cross "fire alarm set off while it was raining" off my school card. Surprised it never happened when I was a student.


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