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Currently in Laughlin now. Time to gamble then regret gambling.


Going on a roadtrip for the first time in like 10 years. Going to Sedona with my family. Will post when I can.


Shipping woes continue once again. UPS outright "delivered" a package to the wrong city somehow. The local place that called was supposed to call me, but they never did. Package was a Nintendo Switch I sold, I upgraded mine, and now I'm gotta refund it.


Finished translating Ape Escape: Curious Big Mission again. Unlike the translation I did a few years ago, which was still pretty accurate, I like how this one turned out more.


Me: Let's try and catch some Legendaries in Omega Ruby. Landorus: About that...


Made an impulsive decision and managed to snag an N64 Digital Kit for MSRP. Gonna put it inside a Funtastic Grape N64 cause it'll raise the value all around. Now to decide, do I keep the rare N64 or sell it once all is said and done to recoup losses?


I have another commission from TriggerPig. They be playing Mario Party!


Man one patron really can ruin an otherwise good day can't they. Some lady went off on me and the LIC for doing our closing procedures, said we were snooping on her shit.


Twitch surprisingly did a good: everyone who is affiliate gets 5 Emote Slots on tier 1, the cheapest tier to subscribe to, and a free animated emote too.


Just got word from my primary that I need to do lab work tomorrow. Fun, but at least I'll know the results quickly.


Happy birthday Zoey/Adzuken. Always great seeing your articles, and I always love when community members start writing for the front page regularly. Hope you play some good/mediocre/bad games for us. :3


TriggerPig once again has made my memes a reality! Eggman's ultimate quest for a McRib!


Happy birthday Mr. Andy Dixon. I miss you here, come by more often. I will get the milk this time.


Commissioned this from TriggerPig. Love how it turned out and all the detail put in it:


Welp, just finished my interview. Let's hope that I can get this job. Mainly cause this is apparently part time permanent with benefits.


Tried Unleashed with FPS Boost. Took 2 generations since it came out, but this is the best way to play by far not counting PC mod of Sonic Generations. :D


Got some donations post stream it seems so I have now raised 1337 money. Well it is realyy 1337.99 but still. Super excited.


Happy birthday NeoTurbo, may your stream go well and you raise all the money for the kids!


Welp that's 25 hours of Extra Life wrapped. Thanks everyone who stopped by, spread the word, donated, etc. Was a fun event this year. I'm not tired right now, just hungry. Final total was $1236.99.


Today's the day of my Extra Life event, which goes live in about 4 hours. Will be raffling off a Nintendo Switch (US Shipping only) and a Mario Monopoly board for the event too. Link in the comments to my Extra Life page.


Happy birthday Flanx. May happiness always find you like a stalker that won't stop. :3


I still have time: happy birthday Deadmoon and Cloudman Sam, hope both you had a great day with extra sleep and rest.


Managed to find someone to do Nerobot as VTuber, yay. All paid for and we'll see how it goes.


Taterchimp just hit his goal of $1200! And now will play Dark Souls instead of FF8. :D


Happy birthday to Chris Moyse and DeScruff. Both of you are awesome and make me feel welcomed on the site. Hope you have a wonderful day and a good weekend!


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