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Trying to upgrade to Windows 11 and the dang thing is failing to install. Edit: Got it to go through, OBS Studio was causing the issue.


Happy birthday to Seymour! May you get to consentually touch all the butts you want! :3


Am I crazy for giving away a 1060 6 GB for free to someone? It's something I don't use and I forgot to ask them to buy it initially so I wanna keep my word.


Apparently the Mexican grocery store makes pizza now. It's big, cheap, and delicious. :3


I'm thankful for this place and my friends for helping me out with shit and being generally awesome!


Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving if you celebrate it and a great day otherwise. Found another friend to go to for Thanksgiving so I will not be having the lonely Thanksgiving Day Pizza. :D


Currently livid at a situation at the moment. Gonna deal with it then play more Sonic Frontiers later.


Modder got back to me! I'm getting my invoice in a few days. Now I just need to get the money to pay it since the long wait + accident tapped me out.


Car just got picked up. Gonna miss the Sentra a lot.


Finally have had time to play Sonic Frontiers and finally got past the first island. Love it so much.


Welp this stinks. Ordered a new laptop right before the accident and given the situation now I'm gonna return it. Really liked it but the car situation has forced my hand.


Made a Gameboy Color today. It's got an IPS screen with touch brightness control. Although for some reason when the left side is buttoned up the cartridges don't work. Edit: Thanks to DeScruff the cause was found, and now we're all good to sell it. :3


When is a decent time to call someone out on Twitter? Still haven't heard anything from the modder of the N64 I sent out almost a year ago.


Sister's birthday is today and I made the cake...is what I would say if my stove didn't break right now. :/


Looks like insurance says I am at fault so the 1000 deductible gets taken out when all is said and done. Darn.


So, I got into an accident. I am fine, just a headache, but car is totaled. Was almost done paying it off. Edit: Checkup done, gonna probably experience whiplash symptoms according to urgent care.


Super excited, might be able to get one of the New 3DS XL Capture Cards from Loopy that he's releasing today. It's kinda a test run to help with software issues/how to install them. He's doing it for U.S. customers first only, then world wide later on.


Oh boy my house is about to get more crowded. Sister has to move back in and she's gonna bring her cats. Gizmo ain't gonna like this one bit. Sister needs brain surgery so she'll be with us for a while.


My aunt moved in with her little weenie dog and my cat is not happy. He's not attacked the dog yet, usually just runs away, but the dog wants to play and Gizmo is like "leave me be." At least he's coming back inside even after meeting her, baby steps.


My friend managed to pull a Shattered Glass Foil Optimus Prime from the new Magic the Gathering set, and apparently it's worth bucko bucks.


Kevin Conroy apparently has passed away. I'm gutted, he will always be the default voice in my head for Batman.


Started Frontiers, getting lots of Unleashed vibes which makes me giddy as I like Unleashed a lot. Only played an hour and a half but am having a blast. Can't wait to play more tomorrow.


Busy day and I wasn't even able to boot up Frontiers. Sadness.


Voting done. My machine's printer messed up at first, but it got fixed luckily.


I don't normally get political here, but tomorrow really has me nervous. Remember to vote, as it's all we can do.


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