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Got a new clock for my office today.


I attended a family gathering tonight. Two of my nephews, both now grown, told me that my influence helped them to discover all kinds of games and books and fun stuff. I had no idea. I didn’t think they listened. It’s…a nice feeling.


Just finished Beef on Netflix. Goddamn. If you’re a fan of Barry, you’ll get this one. Just amazing. Soundtrack was a trip too. Can’t recommend it enough.


While not particularly into 3D printed stuff, I came across this tardigrade and fell in love with the colors and the texture. A new friend for my office.




Anyone else seen Beau is Afraid? Let’s discuss in the comments. Spoilers will be discussed so be careful!


Had a nice day. Went to a Picasso exhibit. Ate French food. Just a really pleasant day. Here’s a hair trapped in the paint from one of his paintings. I love little details like this.


I desire this.


Working on an excel file for a project and found a perfect moment to share with the team.


Do y’all ever think of what will happen to your collections after you’re gone? I’m working on my will and thinking about all this stuff I have. Continued in comments…


Y’all are so sweet. Thank you for the birthday wishes. Y’all are like a second family to me. One I’d get drunk with a do hand stuff but I was born in Mississippi so that tracks. Thank you from the bottom of the giant molar I call a heart.


C’mon Cliff, lighten up.


Garage sales have finally started back in my neck of the woods. Started out slow this morning but finished strong. Here’s my haul.


Got this at GameStop for $20. So that’s fun.


This antique shop was a hoot.


An RPG based on Bosch’s Garden of Earthly Delights? Don’t mind if I do!


JPEGMAFIA X Danny Brown So goddamned good.


Got my Mezco John Constantine figure set up on the shelves. One of my absolute favorite comics. 90s Vertigo books are my catnip.


I am looking for game suggestions for a 6-year-old who is getting a Switch for Easter, unbeknownst to them. Have been recommended Lego games and Paw Patrol stuff.


Picked this guy up. I saw this movie opening weekend and while I have no emotional attachment to He-Man, I will honor Frank Langella’s performance for the rest of my life.


Lance Reddick has passed. I am very saddened by this news. Dude was very talented and funny. Here’s his bit on Eric Andre which is one of the funniest things I’ve seen in years.



Happy birthday Alphadeus. Your music is a gift in my life and the community. I hope you have a good one buddy.


Not a huge fan of the Living Dead Doll aesthetic but this is my favorite bit from Creepshow so I thought I’d add it to the menagerie.


Got my little Warhammer 40k shelf set up.


Going through a binder of loose discs and came across this. No clue where it came from but I’m not mad at all.


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