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What are your top 3 comedies? Mine are (in no particular order): The Great Dictator Blazing Saddles The Birdcage


Finally procured a bit of a grail in my waking world. The cover is just mesmerizing to me. It’s in pristine shape as well. I am so happy.


Episode 2 of Last of Us episode 2 was fantastic. The end.


Found a fez at the Goodwill.


Got my husbando/waifu combo pack ready to go.


Happiest of birthdays to you Panda! I hope your day is filled with laughter and love and cake!


Got this amazing Don Post mask from Goodwill last night. What an absolute gem. This will have a place of honor in my office.


Happy weekend folks. I wrote another top ten list for the front page. It’s a fun article and if you have a moment and are so inclined, I’d love for you to check it out. Thanks and have a good one!


Got my first Joy Toy for 40k. The Blood Angels Furioso Dreadnought. I am blown away with the quality and the size. Went ahead and ordered Bjorn the Fell-Handed. If you’re into 40k stuff, check out Joy Toys.


For a few weeks now, there’s been this duck all by himself hanging out in the lake by the house. I walked by today and he had a lady friend with him! Sometimes it’s the little things, ya know?


For my fellow Vinegar Syndrome fans, I have found a number of their releases are available for free on Tubi. A great way to try before you buy!


Some more vintage Warhammer and Call of Cthulhu RPG fun for the library.


Happy New Years! Here’s to another year of gaming, fellowship and those horrific burgers. I wouldn’t trade y’all for anything.


Have a good birthing day Soul Bow. Have one. Have it. Your birth heralded a new time for so many. It echoed across the universe; an exultation, a rallying cry, a requiem. I am very hungover. Happy birthday buddy.


Happy birthday Riff Raff. My your day be filled with fun and filth!


I think the best movie I saw this year was Everything Everywhere All at Once. However, the most surprising movie I watched this year was Martyrs. Despite the controversy I found a really interesting film that left me thinking about the ending.


Shirley Jackson couldn’t have created a more disturbing image.


Watched this today. I remember getting the books from McDonald’s when it came out. It was fun and seeing Dudley Moore again made me smile. Worth a watch if you’d like a trip down memory lane.


Out of all the games, Call of Duty surprises me the most.


Found a new contender for a meme post for next year’s award articles.


I’m getting back into PC gaming a bit and would love any suggestions on horror or shooter games I have missed. I am also attempted to get Brutal Doom to work which is proving more challenging than I thought.


Guess who had lunch at Cracker Barrel?!


I wrote something for the front page. It was a fun thing for me and I sincerely hope it makes you laugh.


I got a laptop. That’s good! I can’t access my Steam account cause it’s been like 5 years since I logged on. That’s bad. The records I need to prove ownership no longer exist digitally. That’s worse. The frogurt is cursed!


It was a good year.


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