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Oh NECA, you saucy bitch. I will have this.


I like to work with music on in the background. Recently found this album which sounds like the ambiance of a mall in some dream-state. What are some albums that you put on when you’re working? Drop some links in the comments.


Halloween costumes and in the 80s were a trip. I really love those old Ben Cooper masks.


Watched Love Death & Robots season 3. I really enjoy the anthology format and the level of detail is really impressive. A lot more hits than misses this time around. Anyone else a fan?


I must find this.


The thing I like about this image is guessing who is banging who.


Saw Everything Everywhere All at Once. It was a big, weird hug of a movie and it’s easily the best thing I’ve seen from the Daniels so far.


The painting from Good Times has a new home!!!!


Taterchimp, I may have harsh opinions on most of the burgers you post but I love seeing them. I have told people about them and how much fun they are. Thank you for being here and being awesome. I hope you have a wonderful birthday.


The Goodwill never lets me down.


Torch has been such a huge part of the team for so long now and I can’t see a Gundam without thinking of him. I doubt that will ever change. I hope you had a kick ass birthday buddy. Much love and thanks for all that you do.


Reverse cowgirl


Watched the Northman last night. Enjoyed it. A well filmed revenge action film with just a hint of Skyrim thrown in. Not sure I need to see it again but glad I saw it. Plus, Bjork was in it. She was amazing as always.


Pardon the double posting so close together but a thought occurred to me. For our younger Dtoiders, were music videos a thing for y’all? My generation grew up with music videos being true events that were discussed and dissected. If so, share some video


Being in a very post-Elden Ring state of mind, I can enjoy the memes with the full richness they deserve. This one got me.


This is Katchoo. 16 years old and acts like she’s still a kitten. #caturday


I love seeing all of y’all. Warms my taxidermy heart to put faces to names. Here’s an oldie but a goodie of me. #selfietoid


This breaks my heart.


Rented this tape all the time as a kid. Was thrilled to come across it today. It will be proudly displayed in my office.


This was me today, thanks to everyone. I am very lucky to be here, truly. Love y’all.


Thirty hours of pain all at once, all for you.


I don’t often post selfies on here but I was feeling real cute today. Love y’all!


That’s Elden Ring done. What a game. First game in years I spent over 100 hours in. Wow.


I met a teenager over the weekend at a garage sale. He was selling his art which he made from found objects recovered while magnet fishing. I had to support the kid and now I have a new friend in my office.


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Well that certainly sounded dramatic.

LOL Andy was here LOL
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