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I love this dumb, Metalocalypse-looking image so much.


I am truly grateful to be here with y’all right now. Thank you for being such a big part of my life for years now. I’m thankful, truly thankful for all of you.


The greatest comic cover ever made.


Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving week!


Added a new mask to my Ben Cooper collection. Really think something like this will be my next tattoo.


Got these amazing vinyl toys from Unbox Industries. They did a collaboration with Namco for Splatterhouse. I am losing it at how wonderful these are. And huge too!


This was described as the “Gathering of Juggalos for Invader Zim fans” which is perfect.


Thank y’all for voting. Gentle reminder to get your flu shot if/when you can. And drink more water. And find a moment to catch your breath. Life’s tough and sometimes we suffer silently when we don’t have to. If you need someone to talk to, hit me u


Couple decades late on this one but I finally got one of the coolest figures every made.


Sadly the Halloween stuff has been put away but this painting has that haunting quality you love to see all year round.


We doing hot takes? I got one for y’all. Batteries Not Included is far superior to Bladerunner. LOOK FAYE, ITS YOUR SON BOBBY!!!!


Hey folks, if you are having trouble accessing the comments, click on the “Join the conversation” button under the article. I’m having trouble with it on mobile but I hope they fix it soon.


Hey folks, go look at the Cblogs and tell Jordan why he’s so awesome. Let’s give the man the send off a Dtoid legend deserves.




Wore a horror shirt to a garage sale. This led to conversation which led to a tour of an amazing media room full of horror props and statues. Capped it off with gifting me this 3D plastic poster. These were all the rage back in the 80s. Made my weekend!


Angela Lansbury has passed away at the age of 96. An absolute legend and constant comfort in my life. She was Jessica Fletcher, Mrs. Potts and Mrs. Lovett. Three giants in my waking world.


Amazon Prime Day early sales are up. Some great 4k horror on sale pretty cheap. I got The Thing in 4k for $10!


Got the office ready for Halloween.


I just want to say that I, ScionVyse think Occams is the coolest person ever and definitely not the Green River Killer.


How do you do, fellow Destructoiderers?


Sad post in the comments.


What are some lesser known horror movies you enjoy during the Halloween season? A favorite of mine is the absolutely batshit Tourist Trap.


Today is Clive Barker’s 70th birthday. I owe this guy a whole lot for what goes on in the haunted doll museum I call a brain.


If y’all have a moment, check out Taterchimp’s travel blog. It was really fun to look at all his pictures and I felt like I was taken along for the journey.


Another fun toy pick up. I really bought this for that little chicken lizard which was my favorite part of Golden Axe as a kid.


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LOL Andy was here LOL
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