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I’ve had a hankering to own the Berserk musou game on PS4. Any of y’all have a copy you’re willing to sell or trade for something else? I have some Switch games I don’t need and a substantial collection of erotic poetry (self-published).


Happy birthday Gaj, you make me feel like I’m flying.


Name a horror movie that’s not good but does one thing really well. For me, it’s House of Wax and the sets.


When people ask me what I like about Warhammer 40k.


Chronolynx…today we celebrated the red lightning heralding your arrival. May the voidbringers show mercy. Happy birthday buddy.


Saw Nope last night. I’d give it an enthusiastic Yep!


Had some Kickstarter books come in. Love me some monster manual type stuff and weird rpgs.


I realized that despite not being that into mecha, I have a real love for Voltron. Not just a nostalgia kick but the design and aesthetic. Is there something you like despite not digging the genre in general?


Happy birthday to the one, the only, Charlton Heston!!! An absolute legend around these parts and I hope your day is filled with laughter, love and cake.


Watched RRR after y’all recommended it. That was a hoot! I need to find more stuff like that. Thanks for making me aware of it!


I was missing Bloody Roar so I made my own Zoanthrope.


Love you, MATT DAMON.


I chuckled that the Goodwill covered her nips. But I guffawed when they told me this painting was $300. C’mon Goodwill, you can’t get $10 for the hand painted “Bless this Mess” driftwood art.


If you have a Twitch or YouTube channel, leave your name in the comments so I can make sure I’m following you.


The greatest comic page ever created. My tombstone will be an LED screen displaying this image.


This one is great because that Cyclops costume is goddamn ridiculous.


Greatest comic ever made.


Another one for the office.


Was sorting some wrestling magazines for EBay when I came across this. I used to see this advert all the time. I’d pour over it to look at the creatures. This was before the internet and stuff like this was a window into another world.


Got my Vinegar Syndrome order in! If you haven’t seen Miami Connection I invite you to experience joy. And Cloak and Dagger was a classic sick day movie for me as a kid. 80s Cold War era spy craft but in a kids movie.


Suicide Girls did not disappoint.


“Spider-Man having sex”


Gotta say, Starfield looked just okay to me. Some bright moments here and there but it looked a little bland, especially with what No Man’s Sky has brought to the table. I wouldn’t have known that was Starfield and that’s concerning.


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