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Ugh! Trying to recover an old blog from 2012 for the links and relevance but it’s being difficult.... excuse my idiocy if you see a blog appearing and disappearing in vsrious forms


Husband passing by and seeing Metro Exodus on the TV: “Wow... you have a big rack!” Me: “No... that’s my wife” Conversations only a gamer could have...


Still alive! (Yup, GLaDOS reference!). I had complications from my cancer surgery but they were able to save my kidney, fix my leaky urostomy... and my hair grew back. I’m gaming a ton, missed Dtoid, and glad to be back seeing so many familiar names


Comfy Slippers

  Warning:  Some gross medical shit.  If you don't like hearing about icky medical stuff then please close this blog, mix a nice stiff drink of vodka, lemonade and a sprig of fresh mint before putting that drink down and...


I'll hopefully catch the FNF blog, but I'm looking for about 4 more people to run one of the old Raids in Destiny tonight. 7pm pacific time, send a friend invite to "Elsa" and note that you are from Dtoid and available to play tonight. Crota maybe!

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It's a cowspiracy!

  The bane of my Fallout 4 existence was those damn Brahmin.  Brahman are very large, hardy cows.. though of course regular cows are not mutated by radiation into the Fallout version with two heads.  Given that I've had ...

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Initiation Station: Disposable Dudes

   He usually has no name and no voice, and he almost always has the personality of a loaf of white Wonder bread.  Sometimes race is optional, sometimes even gender is optional.  Hell, sometimes even species is opti...


What a Fantabulous Birthday!! Thank you Dtoid!

My new PS Vita arrived early, (last night) and just in time for my Birthday today and I"m quite excited! (about the Vita... not turning 54!)  To make my Birthday even better, it falls on a weekend, so no radiation treatments today...


Adventures in Elsaland... Options (NVGRish)

So... options.  After my last blog where I was told that I would need about 6 organs removed, I've had a PET scan, an MRI scan, 3 CT scans (one wasn't done right) and I've had biopsies, blood tests and been poked and prodded by lots ...


Adventures in ElsaLand.... NVGRish

While my mighty steed Swiffer and I have been touring the wonders of Cyrodil, apparently my cancer has been touring my body and exploring new sights and locations as well.  My biopsies came back and apparently my cancer has spread an...


Our "authentic self"

Much of the blogosphere speaks of our gender roles as being performative. We perform being male or female. We perform motherhood. We are "at work me" when in the workplace. We dress and act in ways that conform to societal expectations of...


Adventures in Elsaland... Options (NVGRish)

So... options.  After my last blog where I was told that I would need about 6 organs removed, I've had a PET scan, an MRI scan, 3 CT scans (one wasn't done right) and I've had biopsies, blood tests and been poked an...


I fear the addiction....

So I  got a PS4 a few months ago and took some time to play Dying Light while going back to Destiny occasionally for the Iron Banner events.  I finished Dying Light in about two weeks (everything possible in the single playe...


50 Shades of Gaming

Sooo... it's been a long time since I've blogged, but I've been involved in a time consuming legal case that goes before the courts again in December and have also had several surgeries this year because my "in situ" cancer decided to be...


I play Destiny online Fenriff! I'm on the PS3 though...


So, you want to be my friend...

So... if you met me at a party would you walk up and hand me a picture of lesbian porn?� I don't really care if you're female, or if you're gay, but you might want to introduce yourself first and say "hi", before giving me the lesbian por...


10 reasons why Elsa is always right...

1.� If you're a male, you're wrong.� One thing I've learned from gaming media in recent years is that being a woman makes me always right.� Apparently I lack "privilege" even though I'm a middle class white woman with a nice house, a lo...


The invisibility of the older woman...

I'm currently 51 and frankly, when I hit 50... shit happened.  I stopped dying my hair only to find out that I no longer had dark brown hair, but instead when the sun hits my locks, you could be blinded from the silver reflectio...


Feminist Frequency and Relevance...

So, Anita Sarkeesian has completed her "Damsel in Distress" trilogy. �In the first video, she introduced the trope and gave some historical background to it.� She spoke of how the male rescuer was the subject and the woman was object and ...


Killing Death

We're currently going through a family crisis. �My father-in-law is 80 and has had a brain�hemorrhage. �My husband immediately flew out to be with his father and after 10 days, he's finally back home now. It's been several weeks of tiny s...


No means no... but sometimes it has to be said out loud.

This started as a response to Glowbear's excellent blog recapping some recent events at E3, but it grew far too long, and I've never been concise... so I'll put my huge ramble here in my own blog, but please read her blog FIRST (and comment...


It's all about who you're sleeping with...

original Possible spoilers for the Mass Effect trilogy ahead... proceed at your own risk! I've mentioned it before, but I seem to have the worst luck when it comes to video game romances. �I dumped Anomen the wimp in Baldur's Gate 2. In...


More questions than answers...

As with many console launches in the past, this year I've come away with more questions than answers. �I'm usually a Sony fangirl, but for the next generation of game consoles, I'm still undecided between the Xbox One and the PS4 (PC gami...


About Elsaone of us since 2:27 PM on 01.25.2009

I'm 55 years old. I'm female, a cancer survivor, happily married, and retired from the work force... and I spend way too much time gaming. I enjoy long walks on the beach, with a gun, sometimes with my husband - shooting n00bs.
I not only like to shoot people, I also enjoy cooking and crafting. Mostly I make my own armor in games like Skyrim and cook my own potions after a busy day of hacking and slashing my way through various critters, guards and bandits in most any WRPG game.

If you're into a threesome or foursome with a mature couple, then come join us - only be sure to bring a med kit. We're old, sometimes we fall down and can't get back up without some help!

PSN: Elsa
XBL: Elssa62
(I currently have an Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, PSVita, a barely functioning PSP, and a variety of iOS/Android devices)

Recent Favorites:
MAG (over 2000 hours!)
Dragon's Dogma
Portal 1&2
Sacred 2
Demon Souls/Dark Souls
Bioshock series
Elder Scrolls Series (Oblivion and Skyrim)
Fallout series
Tomb Raider series
Dragon Age series
Resistance series
Killzone Series
Left 4 Dead 2
Mass Effect Series
Far Cry Series
Destiny (strangely addicting)

Some blogs I wrote that I like:

Fun Facts about Females
Casting Call: Chester the Skeleton
Help, Help! I'm being repressed
Girls with Guns
Guess the Gender
A Girl's Guide to FPS Gaming
Me and My Chainmail Bikini...
Adopt a Troll!
Fanboy Wars - the game!
Me and my digital dick
Invisibility of the older woman
Feminist Frequency and Relevance

Some of my Promoted C-Blogs:
Undies and a Knife
He dumped me! That Bastard!
Love/Hate: Being a Girl Gamer
The Future: The Year is 2029
My Expertise: Leader of Men
The Great Escape: From Physical Pain
More than Just Noise: Boom Headshot!
2010 Sucked: Game Addiction Issues
Technical Difficulties: He teabagged me!

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