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Shoot em Ups are something so great. Here are some you should definitely buy during this Steam Fest.


Actual Shmups to Buy This Steam Fest

The shoot ‘em up is one of my favorite genres. In this age of 70 dollar games and season passes, these staples of a bygone arcade age offer uncompromising and unrelenting action like nothing else on the market. The premise is as...


This is an update: I'm fine and alive! Almost graduating—final semester let's go! I'm self imposing that Brazil of Games will return next month with either a retrospective on Momodora or a look at Unsighted. Stay sexy, y'all.


Hey guess what? I am NOT dead! Hooray! Anyway, this is your PSA that Blood Omen is now on GOG. And yes, I will finish that retrospective soon. VAE VICTIS!


PSA: Strive is already out in Japan and people be dropping the OST. More songs in that channel. This is FIRE!


I was exploring the site, trying to see what's currently broken and whatnot, and found this in one of my older blogs... I won't lie, it kinda broke me :D


I'm not big on rhythm games, but Unbeatable's style and attitude are speaking to me on a spiritual level. And good Lord, don't sleep on this OST! This one track alone has been on repeat for two days now for ya boi!

 from  our Community Blogs

The World Ends With You was released 13 years ago today in NA! Holy macaroni I feel old all of a sudden. Anyway, here's the best remix of Twister to celebrate, and don't you dare to disagree!


It just dawned on me that it's been 2 years since I've started seriously writing about Brazilian gaming culture. Looking back, I kinda feel like I ought to have written more than just 12 blogs on the subject. Well, here's for a more productive 2021 :)


They did it. They actually fucking did it. A Platinum shmup... SOL CRESTA LIVES!


Shoot 'Em Ups for An Empty Wallet

If you’ve been following me for any amount of time on this website, first, how dare you stalk me like that, and second, you know I’m a fan of shoot 'em ups. I understand better than anyone just how niche the genre is, as it...


Happy 29th birthday Top Gear! Here's to the racing game that changed everything for every Brazilian kid during the 90s! May your legacy shine for all eternity!


We are getting a new Melty Blood. This is not a drill. I repeat, we are getting a new Melty Blood! French Bread is back at the helm (first Melty and UNIST). Slated for 2021 on Xone, PS4, and Switch. LET'S FUCKING GO! Update: It gots Rollback!


Blood Omen 2 turns 19 years old today! What better way to celebrate than with a revisit of this incredibly divisive title? Sorry this one took me so long. Just one more game to go: Defiance!


Just found out Maiden & Spell is coming to the Nintendo Switch. If the idea of 1v1 bullet hell fights between magical girls appeals to you, it might just be the time to grab it! PS: This game does rollback better than SFV too. Take that, Capcom!


Gentlemen, I'm back from the GG Strive Beta. I can confirm, Giovanna is sick as all hell. It was the good kind of simple after all! Now if only the lobbies didn't suck absolute ass!


Man, Arc was not ready for this Open Beta eh? Things broke less than an hour in. I hope they extend it for at least a day or two...


The best game of 2018 (and that's my objective and correct opinion) is about to get its much awaited epilogue. Words fail to express how goddamn excited I am for this! Go play CrossCode you fools!


Wake the fuck up, it's time to blow up some nasty aliens again! R-Type flies once more, baby!!!


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The Brazil Of Games:

[*] The original blog about Nintendo's departure from my country that planted the seed for everything that's to come, all the way back in 2017.

[*] The first real installment, where I explore the origins of the world's first digital-only console, the Zeebo. And why it failed. [Slightly outdated. New version below]

[*] Meet the Locadora, the parlors where we got our first contact with gaming!

[*] A follow-up of sorts to the previous blog, where I explore Brazil's most revered game: Top Gear!

[*] The SEGA Genesis might have been born in Japan, but it was Brazil that made it its home! Here's how it happened.

[*] It's no secret we love soccer games. So here's a brief history of the Mod that forever changed how we played them!

[*] Folklore is not something many games explore. Here's a game based on a local folk tale from my hometown.

[*] Everyone knows that gaming really started in the days of the arcade parlors. Brazil's history with them was a very curious one, thanks to legendary company Taito and their many, many bootlegs!

[*] Every story has a beginning. Here's to the game that created our whole gaming industry, Amazônia! May we always remember where it all started.

[*] Happy 20th anniversary PlayStation 2! Here's to the console that changed everything!

[*] A mini review of the cute little indie platformer Out There Somewhere.

[*] What do you get when you mix history, culture, and Metroid? You get the little hidden gem that is Dandara!

[*] In December 2000, one RTS almost put Brazil in the Triple-A gaming market. This is the unfortunate story of Outlive.

[*] Brazil's Independent Games Festival is a celebration and showcase of gaming in Latin America. Here's the best Brazil has to offer in 2021!

[*] 12 years later, we revisit the Zeebo console. This is an “expanded remaster” of my original blog on the subject, back in 2019.