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Well, today I went on the first date I've had in over a year and a half. Unfortunately I don't think theres going to be a second one. I had a great time but she didn't seem that interested. Bummer.


Voted. American friends, please exercise your right to vote. If the last 6 years have been any indication, shits about to get wildly bad for us if not everybody does their civic duty.


Steam deck update: being able to commit war crimes portably in RimWorld is awesome, currently in the process of configuring EmuDeck, and I'm starting to understand why people love Linux so much.


So I decided to get a Steam Deck after all and it arrived today. I've been playing with it for the past hour and a half and I'm honesty really impressed. It feels great, a good chunk of games work "out of the box" and its crazy fucking fast.


Saw an old friend at work today. Turns out not everyone blames me for my divorce. Kind of feels nice to have my side of the story verified for once.


Contemplating grabbing a steam deck for my birthday. Does it do a pretty good job of running most games? I'm looking to get one for mostly pc exclusive indies and emulating so I imagine so but if you guys have opinions, throw them out there friends.


I have to attend a 2 hour mandatory sales meeting in 20 minutes. I put tires on cars. I could be easily replaced by a chimp. Why must I attend?


Oh dear, Starfield really is just a less charming version of No Man's Sky isn't it?


So, Elden Ring is neat. Haven't played any From Soft games since Demon's Souls on ps3 and I never even made it very far. Definitely plays smoother. Also I'm very scared to do pretty much anything.


I am so delighted to see the TMNT beat em up collection. And I love Exoprimal and hope it's as amazing and goofy as it deserves to be.


So are we doing #Cursedmas this year? Just curious as a know some people said it made them uncomfortable and more likely to leave the site and I don't want either of those things.


Well I just finished what's currently available for Saga and now I'm angry.


Had an interview today at a pharmacy to get hired on as a technician (mostly just clerical work). I don't have very high hopes that I'll get it as there were quite a few applicants but that would be so much nicer than what I'm doing now. Fingers crossed.


Oh boy, I've gotten 2 emails today from a Russian address promising free bitcoins! I'll be rich as soon as I click the link!


I'm going to open a nightclub/delicatessen. I'll call it SickBeats n' CuredMeats.


So Griftlands is pretty fucking good ya'll. I would almost say it's better than Slay the Spire in terms of card game/roguelike.


Oh my dear lord, Al Ewing is going to write a new Venom series for Marvel. I am so stoked.


I'm going to become president of the world out of spite, and my first order of business will be to abolish trademarks and copyright laws and shit.


You're all wonderful. Thank you so much for the kind words.


Hi everyone, I just need to vent for a bit in the comments.


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