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Xenoblade Chronicles X review

As a sequel to what I see as one of the finest videogames ever made, my expectations for Xenoblade Chronicles X (hereon X) were, perhaps unfairly, astronomical. Regardless of the game itself, I have a great amount of respect for Monoli...


Trying to load FC clear data in Trails in the Sky SC and am having no luck. I have transferred my original psp clear save onto my vita through the PS3 and it's just not recognising it. Have reinstalled game, and made a new clear file and still nowt. Help?


Super Metroid on 3DS? :o Oh... it's £7.19, again. No thanks.


Bought Sonic and the Black Knight in CEX for £8 over the weekend. It is one of the worst games I have played in a long, long time. Just fought Lancelot and god, do these motion controls even work?


I don't feel like I have enough to say for a full review, so here are my thoughts on XCX so far: Larger in scale, graphically more impressive and mechanically refined, yet lacking the spark which made the original so great. Still enjoying it a lot mind.


Digging through the lies - Shovel Knight

Is there a difference between American and British Shovels? Maybe. But they didn't localise the game properly in that case so my point still stands. Shovel Knight has clearly lied to us all. If we watch trailers of this “acclaimed&rd...


The Fetish Blog to end all fetish blogs.

I've been frequenting this fine website for a while now, and have recently decided to take the plunge and create content on the community blogs. However this has came with the realisation that I am only worth the amount of traffic that...


The Best and Worst of 2014

I very rarely actually keep up to date with new games except for a few of my favourite franchises; the other games fall to the way side and are picked up a year or two later. This makes compiling a relevant and up to date top 10 pretty...


What I want to see from AC: U.

Ha! I was really talking Animal Crossing!  Is anyone excited about the inevitable console outing for Animal crossing this generation? No? Just me then? OK. Well the entry which held my attention for the least amount of time, to th...


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