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And this is only Steam! If all the other launchers/MMOs did a 2022 recap I would feel personally attacked


I got some good stuff this, some fun, some for the house, some for shits, but this is probably my favorite haul yet


Dark and Darker has it's excruciatingly brutal hooks deep into my brain, but ONLY when playing with friends--there's no solo queue yet, but hot damn I went from hating it, to couldn't stop thinking about it, to can't stop playing it. Can't wait for more


I'm already getting cold feet about mastering Tekken: I couldn't pass a normal difficulty arcade mode, and trying to practice the combos in training is breaking my brain. I'll not relent yet, but Tekken has so fucking GNARLY combos


Just bought Tekken 7 with all the DLC on Steam for $17--I've always had a soft spot for Tekken in the fighting game realm, and I've now made it my goal to get finally good at at least one fighting game, Tekken being the chosen muse. Wish me luck!


My favorite event of the year is finally upon us, and it's the best its ever been. WARNING: Lots of vomit


Wait hold up, were people unironically excited for Choo Choo Charles? Like that wasn't a joke?


The Witcher 3, even without the Next Gen coat of paint, really impresses on a technical level. Presentation, cinematics, writing, etc. But for my personal tastes, it's lacking something... I'll have more thoughts later. This time I'll beat it for sure!


Nightmare of Decay was pretty gosh darn good, and for only $5! It's basically a first-person, low-poly RE1 and RE4 homage with some great gameplay and simple puzzles. Very much enjoyed by 2 hours with it


Deathloops signature Arkane experimentation and excellent art style wasn't enough to assuage the frustration of the core gameplay loop. 6/10, and my least favorite Arkane game in their entire history, but still not a bad game. Full Steam review below:


Damn who is this guy. He makes some great shit, and this video was excellent. I'll be taking notes from this video, and I'll be looking at some more of his videos soon!


Probably don't have a lot of WoW people here, but Dragonflight is the most fun with WoW I've had since 2011 (Classic notwithstanding). Probably the best it's been in 8+ years IMO. I'm actually excited to log in every day AND to see what the future holds


Finally finished Rings of Power and quite enjoyed it! It's not the LOTR, but it's not The Hobbit, either, and for that I enjoyed what it brought to the table "canon" or no. Tolkein's books will always be the only canon, so as a fantasy show, solid 7.5/10


I was in the camp that thought DS1 was perfectly fine and didn't need remade, but hooolllyyy shiiiiiitt this looks good. Hell, DS2 is one of the greatest of all time, but remake that too! Redo the third while you're at it!


I've never liked Kanye nor his music--he's always been a prick and the music simply isn't my speed--and I'm willing to bet he's just a nazi, Occam's Razor and all that. But there has to be angle to this... right? Not even actual Nazi's say this stuff


YouTube Music recap is here, and it's pretty fun! More results below!


I am genuinely digging Pokemon S/V's writing and plot this time around, which hasn't really happened since, uh, ever. It's partly because of low expectations, but mainly due to great characters, genuine issues, a somewhat darker tone, and great twists!


Wish Upon (2017) was another one of my so-bad-its-good movies, and while it didn't live up to the "hype" it was quite hilarious and awful and worth a watch with friends and drinks. Afterwards watch Johnny Mnemonic and Elektra for extra good times


Got around to watching the M4 Book Edit of The Hobbit trilogy and honestly, 4 hours is still too long--the CGI mess that is the third movie is so boring even being truncated couldn't save it. It's still better in almost every way, so like a half thumb up


I've been away due to family and health reasons, but to catch you all up to speed: Half-Life 2 cannot be from 2004 it's too good; super excited for Dragonflight today at 6; Warzone 2 sucks, but 3rd person is fun; Pokemon S/V is the best modern Pokey game


Chainsaw Man is effectively ruining anime for me at this rate, apart from some minor (and hilarious) censorship this is one of the best things I’ve ever seen, period. Movie quality from start to finish and entirely faithful to the tone of the 10/10 mang


I want to be NakeyJakey's friend so bad, but listening to his excellent album is just as good tbh


Honestly really digging Pokemon S/V so far; yeah the performance fucking sucks but in many cases it’s the most triple-A Pokemon has been with great presentation, Arceus-level QoL improvements, and great exploration. Up in the air if better than Arceus


Finished Fatal Frame V and it was fine. Not great, and not very scary (minus 2-3 good moments) but it was dripping with atmosphere and the camera-based gameplay is really fun. Story is nonsense, but it was just a generally fun spooky adventure. On to 1-3!


Can't afford Bayo 3 right now and, honestly, still over the Switch outside of clearing out my current backlog, so bought DMCV on a whim for $10. Literally never played a single DMC game and honestly pretty hyped! Will miss my main witch, tho


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