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My current look, freshly hit level 50 and maybe halfway through Act II. Such deep, fleshy hooks in my brain. So far Hammer of the Ancients > Whirlwind


Super bummer news and unsure why this is happening since they're not licensed games and the Switch and PS4 shop are still up, but be sure to grab at least one of these if they interest you! God Wars is a pretty good SRPG!


Man you know what, I was MEGA excited for a Persona Tactics game cuz I like both of those things, and I'm not a one who doesn't like the P5 cast just cuz they're popular, but what a waste to not be Q and include all of the previous Persona cast. Like whyy


SGF23 wasn't too bad, lots of first looks at games tailored to me, like Ever Crisis, Remake pt. 2 (please be better), Space Marine 2 CO-OP, Return of Moria, etc. Many things exclusive to PS5, but that's the way it goes. Hoped for more dates


The Lord of the Rings (1978) is unwatchable. Ugly, incomprehensible, somehow miscast, and insulting to Tolkien and the greatest fantasy world ever created. But, it does offer a few laughs, especially if your group are Big LOTR Nuts. This scene broke me


The Lord of the Rings (1978) is unwatchable. Ugly, incomprehensible, somehow miscast, and insulting to Tolkien and the greatest fantasy world ever created. But, it does offer a few laughs, especially if your group are Big LOTR Nuts. This scene broke me


I think I'm fully in love with Diablo IV. Genuinely great story; addicting action and progression; incredible, Warhammer-level gore and tone; punchy sound design making each encounter feel weighty and satisfying. Never really an ARPG guy, but this is it


I caved, Diablo IV will be played by yours truly at 7PM ET. I may stream it (check my profile), but regardless, I'm going to be a Druid and soak in my enemies gore. Lowkey more excited than I thought I would be, and if you're playing: Mamekuma#1683


WH40k Darktide is not quite where I’d like it to be (would like an actual campaign, more classes, etc.) but goddamn if these updates haven’t been amazing. The new levels are great, and the MUSIC… ! Emperor protect me! Gunplay still best in the biz


I'm not sure who Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation 2 is for, but it's not for me. It's clunky contorls reminds me of Let it Die but worse, and it's essentially an F2P gacha mobile game that looks like a PS3 launch title and control like a PS1 game. 2/10


Tried the Amnesia: The Bunker demo and it was good! It's a lot more open-ended and has more in common with Resident Evil 2 than previous games. I don't know if I liked babysitting my flashlight, but mechanically it seems extremely fun and challenging


I don't normally do this and have largely given up streaming, but in celebration of Amazon's LOTR MMO announcement we're playing the Still Great LOTRO while watching Fellowship. Is it legal? Um... Live now https://www.twitch.tv/mamekumaaa


Legend (1985) may not have my favorite story, but it may be my favorite fantasy set design of all time, next to LOTR. It's THE quintessential 80s fantasy: glitter on everything, ethereal sets & costumes, whimsical unicorns and princesses. 8.5/10


After about 7 hours, I'm calling it quits on Amnesia: Rebirth. While the story and mystery were genuinely compelling, the actual act of playing it was a slog. It was the worst parts of Soma, but longer and with more obtuse puzzles. Full thoughts below:




Ah. So it's WORSE then I predicted


Fall of Cybertron was fucking awesome. A genuine improvement in every way to 1st game with standout moments like Jazz, Grimlock, and the final chapter. This is probably one of the best AA budget shooters I've played, loved it. 8.5/10


Evil Dead Rise fucking RULED. While the comedy-horror angle is gone, the creative but fucked up nature remained fully intact. I loved the directing, the gore, the cast, almost everything. Current ranking: ED2 > Ash vs. ED > Rise > ED1 > ED3 (Army) > 2013


More FFX thots as we (very) slowly make our way and now that my brain is more Adult and Medicated: this is REALLY good, fast turn-based combat; sphere grid is neat; getting used to the art style; S-tier music; engaging story. And we have the OG GUIDE!!!!!


My Year of Dicks (2022) was a cute, funny, and real look at life as a teenager trying to lose their virginity in the 90s and all the embarrassments it comes with. Created by Pamela Ribon from her memoir, it's well worth the 30 minutes. No notes, 10/10


No one told me Bumblebee (2018) wasn't a Michael Bay film and that it was actually really good?? Goddamn I loved it, way, way more than I thought I would. Even the human stuff was decent. 1 director and 1 writer really helps narrow the focus. 8/10


I don't know what I expected as someone with no strong feeling towards Mario. I think I hate Illumination Studios. Script was a hack job. Chris Pratt WAS distractingly bad. Peach was the best part, Anya TJ can do no wrong. Kids deserve better. 3/10


So far Fall of Cybertron is another homerun, but did make some odd choices: weapons separated into Heavy and normal categories, and driving feels stiff? But graphically it's MANY steps up, gameplay is tighter than ever, and the set pieces are stellar


Transformers: War for Cybertron is a perfect example of a fantastic mid budget AA game that we rarely see anymore. The last boss SUCKED but the dual campaigns were fun, challenging, and the art direction carried what is otherwise too desaturated. 7.5/10


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