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I just picked up a set of golden claws in DQ3 and as punishment the game threw random encounter at me every single step until I left the dungeon. Took about 2 hours, after a party wipe. This game rules


This DQ3 game goes HARD. Literally, this game is pretty fucking tough—but fun! Also, the MC can be a girl but they don’t make her sexy?? Was DQ3 always this progressive?? Bonus points for blue and yellow. So far very enjoyable during my PC-less period


A sign of the times: my computer is going kapoot 😭 It randomly froze, and then it wouldn’t turn back on, only the LEDs on the RAM and motherboard would light up. The GPU seemed hot, but after some research, I think it’s the PSU. Let’s hope that


Update on DQX: Unless I'm missing something, the only "translation" is using some sort of live-translating Google program, not an actual patched translation. Which means some things get missed, and it's not even localized. Never mind I suppose (︶︹︺)


Apparently there is a somewhat new DQX English patch for both menus and dialogue! Also, you can now download DQX straight from the website without a VPN! Gonna be giving this a shot during work today ╰(▔∀▔)╯


The lack of Digimon news on Dtoid is deeply disappointing. Move over Xenoblade, Digimon Survive is coming!!


New WoW expansion Dragonflight seems fine. I like a lot of the changes they’re proposing, including GW2-esque mount skills, strategic skill charging, and the new dragon race/class. The cinematic kinda sucked tho, seemed more like an intro movie


I have such a morbid curiosity about WoW’s expansion announcement later today… it has been on such a shit streak for 4-6 years I’m wondering how it can recover in any noticeable way, especially with the current MMO market kicking its ass. We’ll kn


Everything, Everywhere, All at Once is my favorite movie of the year so far, probably my favorite since Blade Runner 2049. Excellent casting, huge amounts of genre blends, and supremely heartwarming. Highly recommended!


Wait hold on, this is a Gundam FPS?? I thought it was just a TPS, arena fighter type deal like the last game. This looks awesome!


Alright, Guild Wars 2 has finally hooked me. Not quite as linear or well written as FFXIV (what would be?) but it's adherence to horizontal progress, exploration, and freedom of class build is, frankly, amazing. It's the most unique MMO on the market


Current status:


My DK64 100% stream is being postponed until tomorrow or the weekend! I'm not feeling up to it tonight, so apologies for anyone looking forward to it!


It took, like, 8 years but Guild Wars 2 has its hooks in me. So much so I decided to just buy all the Xpacs and see what it has to offer! This experience is far better and more time-respecting than Lost Ark


okay never mind, my 3DS is alive (for now). Give me your favorite Etrian Odyssey game(s) and why, GO GO GO


I was thinking about buying some Atlus titles on the 3DS, but turns out, my Pokeball 3DS cannot hold a charge! Or perhaps, the charger isn't sending enough power? Either way my excitement about playing my 3DS again turned into sadness (╯︵╰,)


Here's my updated schedule for this week and I'm sticking to it! Maybe. Most likely. We'll see. If any of these games catch your interest, hope to see you there!


Day 2 of Fortnite Zero Build now that I'm no longer playing with obvious bots


Tonight at 7:30PM ET we're going back to a fan favorite--Donkey Kong 64! We're still working on 100% the game, so feel free to join me while I come to grips with everything again ٩(。•́‿•̀。)۶ https://www.twitch.tv/mamekumaaa


I know I JUST made a new schedule, but I'm going to have to call of tonight's stream. Sorry! I'll be back on Thursday around 7:30pm ET as we continue our quest to 100% Donkey Kong 64!


I... I think I like Fortnite now


While I find some of Jujutsu Kaisen's writing confusing (everything is a curse, non-sequiturs, etc) they do characters so, so well. The women in particular are quickly becoming my favorite shounen anime women Of All Time. Everyone fucking rocks. Also Todo


Now that I've "finished" Elden Ring, tonight I'm going back to a half-baked schedule like I used to--I feel like it'll help me focus on experiencing different games instead of pigeonholing myself into the one I'm currently obsessed with. C u tonite fam


I think the Halo show's ultimate downfall is using Master Chief. They could've done any story with any new character in any spartan outfit and it would've been a fine show, but you're going to reveal Chief's face and didn't reference the games... ? Why?


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