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Just fyi! I didn't know this was getting a demo, so excited to see what this team pulled off


At the risk of spamming my channel too much, I'll let you know that this is the week we beat Dark Souls 2, so come hang out periodically and set your notifications on! After changing up my build, it feels A LOT better TWITCH.TV/MAMEKUMAAA


Sounds about right


I finally escaped the fiefdom of Xfinity in my area to the newcomer Metronet! I haven't fully tested it yet, but I'm paying less money for Gig speed internet and no data cap. Bliss


After 7 more hours of Dark Souls 2, I dunno if it's worth continuing :/ It feels sluggish in the worst ways, cheap in its deaths and enemy placements, and uninspired. it really is the worst DS game, easily


Duel Master is wonderful and packed with content and cards, but the turn times are a game killer. I've played maybe 10 hours total, and played 11ish duels. Lrn 2 red and speed up the duel turn times


I cannot stop listening to this song, it's such a BOP. The animation that went with it was also really good; definitely the highlight of the movie, for better or worse.


To nitpick, one of the things that doesn't work for me about Magic Arena is the clashing styles. YGO is goofy. Pokemon is Pokemon. But Magic has always been dark fantasy, a DnD-esque world in my mind; Arena kinda adds a Runescape vibe to the board + pets


Fuck the haters, these new Pokemon leaks are great! I don't think I've seen such oddball designs from Pokemon since... forever. Fuck new Pokemon, give me weirdo regional variants of all 900+ Pokemon from now on


It's here! It's finally here! The Yu-Gi-Oh game equivalent to Magic Arena, Hearthstone, etc.! I've been dreaming of this game for years, and could not be more excited! I mean, it's Konami and YGO pricing I'm sure, but YGO has never felt better


Going L I V E right N O W with Monster Hunter Rise! Come witness the best 7/10 Insect Glaive user you've ever seen! twitch.tv/mamekumaaa


And that's a wrap!


Alright I've had 30 minutes to think about it and this microsoft monopolization kinda sucks. They've been doing "right" by us (at least, PC gamers) for a minute but it can't hide any scummy shit they may still do. As a reminder:


Ended up seeing Belle on a whim, and it's pretty alright! I feel like Mamoru Hosoda's movies never really hit the mark for me, and this juggled too many themes, but it was pretty both 2D and 3D, had excellent music and VA, and still worth a watch IMO.


I finally got around to reading MHA beyond Season 5, and wow, we're in for a treat. The Class A vs B pseudo-filler was gonna tank any season it was in, but after that, this shit gets BRUTAL. Super exciting and great moments, truly hooked! Mirko = GOAT


DARK SOULS REMASTERED HAS BEEN BEATEN! This is the first time in 8+ years, and the first time for the DLC. It was incredible, loved just about every single moment of it. No clue what I'll be streaming next--maybe I can beat Demons Souls before Elden Ring?


I've been streaming for a few hours now (really just so I can play Dark Souls), but now I'm in the DLC for the FIRST TIME EVER! Come hang out and see all the newwww (old) stuff! twitch.tv/mamekumaaa


I ended up playing 0 minutes of MH Rise last night due to a surprise birthday hang out with a good friend, so I was only slightly bitter. Tonight, around 7pm, I'll be back on the saddle as an Ace Hunter! COME SEEEEEEEE twitch.tv/mamekumaaa


*heavy breathing*


15 hours until MH Rise on PC, and 44 days until Elden Ring. I know the wait is hard, but come spend some time with me on Dark Souls 1 to ease your pain twitch.tv/mamekumaaa


The booster shot wasn't as bad as my second shot, but it still wiped me out for most of the day 😴 Got a lot of sleep in and feeling like 47 bucks!


Come see me fight with Dark Souls Remastered tonight! Probably right now! Welcoming all criticisms of my build while I ignore your help and blame the game instead twitch.tv/mamekumaaa


Going live in a few with Dark Souls 1! My addiction to the Soulsborne franchise has been reignited, so we're taking back to the beginning. Sort of twitch.tv/mamekumaaa


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