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This AC update is MASSIVE! I really wasn't expecting much, but I may actually come back to my island after almost 2 years. I'm hyped for AC again!


Uh oh, decided to catch up on some anime which turned into playing OSRS again after a years-long hiatus. I'm bag in the saddle


Goddamn Monster Hunter Rise is amazing on PC. Locked 120 FPS, great art style, sound design, and the wirebugs are a fine addition (just not mind blowing). It keeps crashing unfortunately, but this is another RE engine game I can't wait to play on launch


Christ SOMA is hitting all the proper horror nerves. I can barely continue cuz it's tapping into my fear of the deep, deep sea. Also the monster encounters kinda suck compared to Amnesia. But hot dog this is a really great story


I've been bitten by the Metroid bug, with Prime being my most anticipated replay. Thankfully I've beaten Dread and Zero Mission... the last and first game in the timeline lol. Now onto: Prime 1, Hunters, 2, 3; Metroid 2; Fusion; and then Dread again!


Tonight @ 7:30PM ET I'll be live again with... something! Perhaps it's SOMA, perhaps we'll do Soul Sacrifice, maybe neither. Tune in for more Spooketober -->twitch.tv/mamekumaaa


And that's Metroid Zero Mission completed! I'm not a speedrunner guy, so one ending is all I need. The last stage threw me for a loop and was my favorite part, and overall it was an excellent game in every regard. On to Fusion and the Primes!


Reminder that Lemillion is still the best superhero


Just moments ago, I ended up finished Metroid Dead after many, many deaths, particularly in the latter half of the game. What an incredible experience. Took about 9.5 hours, and I loved every minute of, even when frustrated. This is my GOTY (so far)


This p*rple EMMI can suck my fucking microdick, why did they design an enemy who [REDACTED]????? It is ALWAYS around, it NEVER FUCKING LEEAAAVVVEESS


Guys, Metroid Dread plays like someone WD-40'd my butter. Maybe I've been playing too many RPGs as of late, but this shit is some of the smoothest, most responsive gameplay I've played in recent memory. This game fucking rules


Okay for real this time, I am LIVE and playing the latest Nintendo indie game sensation that no one is playing right now nor heard of: Metroid Dread! https://www.twitch.tv/mamekumaaa


I kinda forgot the Steam Decks are coming out fairly soon, huh? I'm very excited for it, even if I couldn't afford one at this time--I hope it does well, and VERY excited for the myriad of videos on it!


I could feel in my bones it was Sora, I think this is a good pick for Smash Bros. Maybe the next KH game will be more inspired!


Alright, so New World is pretty legit--at least during the hype period. The reliance on open world PvP and player-driven economy makes it feel old school like OSRS, SWG, or 2006 WoW. It may not last, but for now, this shit is awesome with friends


I'm going live with Soma RIGHT NOW! I just... have to install it first! Feel free to come a little early and enjoy some Bloodborne music while you wait for Spooktober to OFFICIALLY kick off! https://www.twitch.tv/mamekumaaa


HAPPY ORK/SPOOK/OCTOBER DTOID!! May your month be blessed with fun horror, candy, pie, and lots and lots of alcohol in plastic cauldrons


Feeling like a complete genius engineer after replacing my 2DS's battery, which is way more hard than it needs to be. I can finally get back on my Yo-Kai Watch bullshit


That Monster Hunter Rise PC announcement just made my whole goddamn day--it's coming at the perfect time post FFXIV, post Halo Infinite, and pre Pokemon Arceus. Me and the boys are gonna fuck this game up at high frame rates and I'm gonna cÜm


Tonight @ 8PM ET is The Ghost Train | 幽霊列車 by the Japanese indie dev Chilla's Art! It's gonna be a short but creepy one tonight--might if we finish early, we'll move on to Soma... ? http://twitch.tv/mamekumaaa


I've made it a long-term goal to get a Naruto figure/statue of each of his forms, from kid to Baryon mode. The wife has been warned


Goodbye, Super Monkey Ball preorder... I have too many games lined up this year and just had to buy a $2000 washer/dryer combo (╥﹏╥) I'll be back for youuuuuuu


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