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So uhh… I finished Automaton Lung. I have thoughts (in the comments). 8.5/10. Not really sure how to process it all, but it’s a wonderful bookend to the 3DS’s legacy.


Found a neat 3DS recommendation on PCGamer of all places called Automaton Lung. One of the last new games released on the 3DS and apparently a really neat experience--also $7 USD on the eshop, or $10 on Steam right now!


Kinda blows my mind that we're 7 days from a complete eshop closure and we're not getting steep discounts on everything. That revenue stream will be gone forever, might as well get a few bucks, eh capitalists? Only great sales going on now are Capcom's


In hindsight, I think Monster Hunter 4U is my favorite MH title. It was the pinnacle of “classic” MH, and while I LOVE World and Rise, MH4U just hit different. Put like 200 hours into it the summer before I went to Japan. I should play it again, RIP 3


Watching friends play D4 has been good; they say it feels "slower" like D2 rather than arcade-y like D3. That's fantastic news. However they're getting legendaries at like level 15? Don't like that so far. What's the point of being legendary at that level


Gonna get a "Speak 'friend' and enter" tramp stamp


I am really, really impressed by Ghostwire: Tokyo a few hours in--I can see some of the staler aspects (open world with collectibles), but the combat, traversal, style, and quests have been excellent. I might love Tango Softworks the most within Bethesda


Kirby and the Forgotten Land FUCKS. That was the best Kirby game I've played since Roboplanet and 64. Knocked it out of the park on all fronts, but wish there was more powers. The upgrade system is the best idea they've had since 64. 9/10


The Exoprimal beta left a positive impression on me, I can't lie! The exo suits are very creative and fun to use, the combat is extremely flashy with low cooldowns, and the dinosaurs are quite fun to shoot (and control!). Didn't like the "PvP" much, tho


It warms my heart to know that most, if not all, of "Justin Roiland projects" had almost no input from him. Decided to try High on Life (it's fun!) and felt weird, but after researching further he has done little else than provide his voice. Good riddance


I'm fucked around with SWG (both old and "new" version), tried to get into Destiny, and had my fill of WoW, both Classic and Retail (for now). I'm going all in on LOTRO for my MMO fix, including getting the latest xpac. So far, VERY good as a Tolkien boi


It took 2 years, but we're finally getting our first puppy: say hello to Olive! We're picking her up on the 22nd and I'm terribly nervous on how my cats will react, but... they'll just have to get over it. So excited to bring her home!


I still haven't reached my goal to become good at Tekken (and maybe another fighting game--SF6? Guilty Gear?) but one thing is clear: fight sticks are a must for some of these combos. Any good, affordable recommendations?


Resident Evil 4 Chainsaw Demo should be up now on all platforms! I'm pretty excited for it, as REmake 2 is one of my favorite RE titles of all time. Capcom's showcase was pretty good, all good stuff!


I dig Exoprimal's style, and that was a pretty cool trailer, but fighting dinosaurs feels so... lazy. Like they had dinosaur assets and plugged them in. But I won't count it out yet, it does looks like genuine fun with a neat story. Open Beta begins 03/17


OooOOOOoOOOOOO WEEEEEEE that Battle Network collection is looking way, way, WAY better than I thought. Fucking hell of a value. I thought for a second we'd get a modern Battle Network, but I'm still so happy. AND NT WARRIOR SHOW FOR FREE! 1 MONTH AWAY!


While I lowkey hate the Switch in terms of hardware (though have always loved the portability), I do think this is probably the best era of Nintendo, period. Every first party exclusive is better than they've ever been. Related, Kirby FL is incredible


I may not get to the Trails games anytime soon, but with the Steam sale going on I might as well get the first game and see where it takes me. It has SO many long games, but every single one is a critical darling and I have to know. Also Sakuna!


Yakuza 7 may be one of the greatest game I have ever played. From production to gameplay to, most importantly, the characters I am currently head over heels for it. Ichiban and the gang are, IMO, more compelling than Kiryu, but Kiryu is still great


Beat Samus Returns after about 9 hours (my hands hurt) and man, what a first showing from MercurySteam. Wonderful game, if a bit too long and difficult for being on such a small system. Beautiful, buttery smooth, and exciting throughout. Bring on Dread 2!


Started casually playing Star Wars Galaxies for the first time and here's my OC please PLEASE do not steal I worked very hard on him


I think SWG (pre-Combat Update) to be one of the most fascinating games ever made. It's unplayable unless you REALLY want to make friends or if you have very patient IRL friends, but it's a fun experiment. Currently casually playing Legends and it's cute


I found myself wanting to get into Destiny 2, but I found it to be impenetrable. I felt the same way about Genshin Impact. I think most Live Service games will fall into this pitfall where new players just... can't join in without extensive research.


I find it uplifting that in my 30s I can still have life-changing experiences with media. Evil Dead 2. Witcher 3. Blade Runner. 80s/90s death metal. My thirst is always sated if I start branching out more, particularly in the past. Life ain't too bad


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