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Still very wary about this game, but goddamit, it's Digimon and I wanna Digivolve those motherfuckers. Not a fan of the in-battle Adventure Quest-style animations, but it otherwise looks nice. Very curious how the VN segments will feel


3rd PSP game has been dropped. As a piece of history it's interesting, but Resistance Retribution has some of the worst writing put to video games, terrible enemy encounters, and way too many cutscenes. As a PSP TPS, it's fine I suppose. 3/10


Goodbye Eri, by Tatsuki Fujimoto of Chainsaw Man fame, was very good. It’s a short read, and it’s drowning in his naturalist writing and choppy, eerie artstyle. The ending was… weird, but fun in a twist-y way. The atmosphere was a major highlight


Boba Fett continues to impress, though I'm not sure why the second half was written for this series. This is def Mando season 2.5, but honestly, it's good! Lots of Clone Wars characters, great seedy underbelly stuff, a western shootout. All around lovely


It’s here, it’s finally here!


I can't do it anymore, I gotta drop Medievil Resurrection. I would say it's my favorite 3/10 game, but the game design is so bad I can't stomach it anymore. 10/10 style, 10/10 music, 6/10 humor, 1/10 gameplay. Is the PS4ver any better in any way at all?


Game experimentation ended up in failure with Lord of the Rings Tactics. What sounds like a match made in heaven with a fun tutotial is actually a giant slog sloppily put together with boring missions. On to The Third Age!


Ork Mechanob really is a big fecker


This direct was excellent. DQ Treasures; Portal; Persona 3, 4, 5; MEGA MAN BATTLE NETWORK?! Even Sonic Frontiers looked better than the initial reveal. Maybe I'll dust off my Switch soon




During my newly ignited love of Middle-earth I picked up both Shadow of Mordor and War on Steam, all DLC included, for $10. Pretty good so far, though a little clunky on the movement. Visually great, visceral combat, and a super fun Nemesis system


Finally, a song in Arcane I not only liked, but loved. Just so happened my favorite artist Denzel Curry did it. Almost finished with it, and the amount of 10/10 media I've been consuming lately has me hopeful for, uh, life or whatever


Spent the entire weekend getting drunk with a good friend of mine and re-watching LOTR extended editions. Haven't watched them in about a decade, and I think I'm liking Middle Earth more and more as I get older. Such fantastic movies, an incredible world


Found a new mod


Wait maybe First Soldier is good actually


I think Chainsaw Man is an honest to god 10/10, through and through. That was 100x better than I thought it would be, way deeper and more heartfelt than a series named CHAINSAW MAN had any right to be. I’m afraid the anime will be censored to hell, tho


Still thinking about Summer Game Fest where the lady said "in 2019, Modern Warfare changed everything"


Probably my most anticipated game of the year so far since I have a full party ready to go. Cannot fucking wait


I'd be more annoyed FFVIIR is coming to steam tomorrow, but I got that shit for like $40 on Epic. That price ain't changing for a hot minute, and it's that dumbass "next gen" pricing we PC people are now subjected to. Oh well, CRISIS CORE BAY-BEEEE


Season 4 of Rick & Morty was, by far, the best I've seen. I thought I loved Season 1/2 the best, but this was genuinely the funniest and most heartfelt yet. Super excited for Season 5!


Chainsaw Man has been a good read: extremely brutal, sexual, nihilistic, and fast paced. I dunno if I'd put it up there in my favorites yet, but it's been really fun to see it go off the rails so quickly


Decided to re-watch Rick & Morty after dropping off during S.3, and honestly, still pretty good! It's not laugh-a-minute, but very entertaining during work. Haven't heard much about it since that Pickle Rick... incident, but so far fun enough to continue


Decided to re-watch Rick & Morty after dropping off during S.3, and honestly, still pretty good! It's not laugh-a-minute, but very entertaining during work. Haven't heard much about it since that Pickle Rick... incident, but so far fun enough to continue


FROGUN DEMO WAS WONDERFUL! It had more Crash DNA than I thought, which reminded me how influential Crash was despite nothing (yet) taking much influence from it. Only complaint was that you need to get ALL collectibles on the first run. Otherwise, 8/10!


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