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Wish Upon (2017) was another one of my so-bad-its-good movies, and while it didn't live up to the "hype" it was quite hilarious and awful and worth a watch with friends and drinks. Afterwards watch Johnny Mnemonic and Elektra for extra good times


Got around to watching the M4 Book Edit of The Hobbit trilogy and honestly, 4 hours is still too long--the CGI mess that is the third movie is so boring even being truncated couldn't save it. It's still better in almost every way, so like a half thumb up


I've been away due to family and health reasons, but to catch you all up to speed: Half-Life 2 cannot be from 2004 it's too good; super excited for Dragonflight today at 6; Warzone 2 sucks, but 3rd person is fun; Pokemon S/V is the best modern Pokey game


Chainsaw Man is effectively ruining anime for me at this rate, apart from some minor (and hilarious) censorship this is one of the best things I’ve ever seen, period. Movie quality from start to finish and entirely faithful to the tone of the 10/10 mang


I want to be NakeyJakey's friend so bad, but listening to his excellent album is just as good tbh


Honestly really digging Pokemon S/V so far; yeah the performance fucking sucks but in many cases it’s the most triple-A Pokemon has been with great presentation, Arceus-level QoL improvements, and great exploration. Up in the air if better than Arceus


Finished Fatal Frame V and it was fine. Not great, and not very scary (minus 2-3 good moments) but it was dripping with atmosphere and the camera-based gameplay is really fun. Story is nonsense, but it was just a generally fun spooky adventure. On to 1-3!


Can't afford Bayo 3 right now and, honestly, still over the Switch outside of clearing out my current backlog, so bought DMCV on a whim for $10. Literally never played a single DMC game and honestly pretty hyped! Will miss my main witch, tho


Holy shit Barbarian was a ride. I know people said "don't look up anything" and it's old news by now, I did not expect that direction nor ending. Just a genuinely great film, goes to show non-horror directors are best for horror 90% of the time. 8.5/10


Finally finished the David Gordon Green Halloween trilogy and honestly... all pretty enjoyable! I have no nostalgia nor reverence for slashers, so the weird turns and flipped-scripts felt refreshing after my long marathon of slashers. 6.66/10 overall


Game Awards this year, more than any year yet (except maybe next year, lol @ February) feels like some major players were left out, particularly smaller or indie titles. I mean, God of War literally came a few days ago, even if I'm a big fan of the reboot


I want to play Half-Life Alyx something fierce but there's a really high probability I will never get the chance and it makes me sad :(


Never heard of Willow (1988) until this week, and after watching it... yeah. Warwick Davis and Val Kilmer were fun, but it feels like Lucasfilm's attempt to create a fantasy Star Wars and it falls pretty flat. Every comedy bit is Jar Jar Binks level. 5/10


Between Chainsaw Man retaining the grit and sexiness of the manga and The Witch From Mercury constantly well animated with a great story, I'm eating better than ever this anime season! Factor in MHA getting into it and JJK later, might go down in history


I don't know how the twist evaded me, but From Dusk Till Dawn (1996) really threw me for a loop. It was really fun! I was very confused about what the point was for the first literal hour, but then it all hit the fan and it clicked. Great stuff, 7/10


I can't lie, I liked The Fifth Element a lot less than I anticipated given my propensity to sci-fi. Very hot/cold for me--Bruce is a dud, but Milla was great; effects range from great to terrible; tone can't decide if it's funny or serious. 4/10


Weird was such a fun movie, if a bit long for what is basically a single joke. But it was well-written, hilariously cast, and so completely down with its own idea I loved watching it. I'm not even the biggest Weird Al guy, but I love him a lot more now!


Johnny Mnemonic is so bad it's good kinda shlock. Keanu at one of his worst, but so was everyone, and that mad it a laugh-a-minute riot of terrible late '90s futurism. Cannot recommend this enough, especially with friends and alcohol


FINALLY DONE FUCK YOU XEN! That entire 4+ hour stretch my jaw was on the floor in disbelief that this fucking game was still going. Great alien planet, cool aliens, and like maybe 2 cool sequences. Worth a first playthrough, but I will never play it again




Bold choice for a gameplay video. Slow, 10-minute boss fight ending with a game over and some really jumpy guns with unsatisfying feedback. Here's to hoping the rest of the game holds up as well as the visuals do


Finished Dredd (2012) and it's like if Blade Runner and Cyberpunk 2077 had a baby and that little baby chugged energy drinks and frowned a lot. It was great! The story was a bit whatever and "law & order" was a hilarious motivator, but action was 10/10


Annihilation (2018) was an absolute riot, my kind of movie. Divisive sci-fi weirdness mixed with body horror mixed with mystery mixed with weird fucking shit, loved about every minute. A little slow at times, but everything paid off, 8.5/10


HOT TAKE TIME: Dragon Age, as a franchise, sucks ass. It has one decent game (Origins), a game I beat back in 2014 over 21 hours and barely remember. Whatever BioWare thinks they can resurrect should be aborted in favor of something more interesting


Hellraiser 2022 wasn't good, 4/10. Overstayed it's welcome by a LONG while and the body horror was extremely rare until the very end. Didn't like any of the characters nor the story; gore was limiting. Cenobites always in the dark. Wasted potential IMO


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