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Toussaint is stupidly gorgeous and I'm very sad my Witcher 3 journey is almost at an end, even if I still have plenty of game left. Hearts of Stone was sad and worthwhile, and Blood and Wine is proving to be a bonifide half sequel


Ended up finishing TW3 today with one of the "good" endings and, yeah, this game is every bit as good as people said it was for 8 years. I've done a complete 180 on this game and ended up loving everything but a few niggles. More thots below


I've been obsessively listening to this album for nearly 4 months now, the bass is addictive and smooth and sexy. My late father was a musician with a focus on bass, and for my 30th in a few days, I think I want to finally learn the bass very, very soon


Watching a "Witcher 1 The Movie" on YT and it blows my mind that we got all 3 games within a decade. The leaps and bounds between each game is insane. I don't think our current era of games and development schedules will ever feel like this again


Witcher 3 is the ultimate (AAA) example of more than the sum of its parts. It has, IMO, a pretty bad first impression and the combat... works, but the actual writing, quests, characters, world, everything works so well. I'm fully hooked now, 8 years later


holy shit, Shrek Forever After actually isn't half bad. I quite liked it!


Now that Fire Emblem engage is coming out Friday, I think it's high-time I open my sealed copy of Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia and give that a whirl!


Had to wait for a friend to trade me the Scarlet area zero Pokemon but FINITO


Spyro Reignited is finally finished, but only Spyro 1 & 2 were 100% completed; Spyro 3 is a decent time, but playing them all back-to-back highlights the lows and highs of each. Lots of lows tho tbh--I'm a Crash man through and through. 7, 8, and 6/10


Become woefully addicted to Hunt: Showdown again on a whim, but fret not my dear backlog! I am still playing Witcher 3, Spyro, and Crash 4!


2023 is frontloaded like never before, and these are the games I've wittled down; things like Fatal Frame, Kirby, and FFXVI that are either on my radar or something I can't play until Sony bites me are still on the table! (List made on Backloggd!)


The first completed game of the year goes to... Donkey Kong on Gameboy ('94)! A game I remember fondly as a child, and for good reason. This thing is packed tightly with dozens of clever puzzles, deep mechanics, and Mario's Fat Ass. I love this game, 9/10


They're heavy and perfect


Witcher 3 is going smoothly, but I'll admit, the "greatest game of all time" clout around it has affected me. I'm just not seeing it. It's a wonderful game so far, but it's floaty and filled with open world nonsense. Writing is the major highlight so far


Finally finished Stranger Things 4, and it was good! I didn't looove it, but the characters and cast as always carried it, and the latter 60% was great television. Genuinely good twists, a few good emotional moments, and a decent setup for The Real Finale


First drop of the year: The Wheel of Time (1999). I expected a fun magic-based 3D shooter of yore but instead got 40 minutes of boring cutscenes, the weakest first spell ever, and enemies who evade all my (limited) attacks. No thanks, 4/10


Watching TMNT (1990) while playing games solo and a having a few drinks, I cannot overstate how much I love this movies. Top 5 of all time, easily. RLM's latest Re;View on it has reignited something and I'm |-| this close to hunting down those Neca figs


Finally watching Stranger Things 4 in my catch up period, and so far it's good! I'm not blown away, but I like these characters and I'm a sucker for "growing up" stories in sequels. Only complaint is the directing--too many musical stings and quick cuts


Who did the direction for the VOs on Reunion? Genuinely, this sucks. I have no nostalgia for the original, but I beat it last year and loved it to bits and this just seems so flat, borderline horrible w/ the deliveries. Maybe a mod can re-add Good Zack


Even the lowest of crap games or the oldest of re-releases seem to score at LEAST a few thousand when they have a big name behind it, so I'm not surprised Crash is on the back burner. Sure we had PS4 and Bnet releases, but 580 on Steam? Yikes. RIP my love


2022 FAV LIST! FAV (new) MOVIE: Everything Everywhere; FAV (old) MOVIE: Evil Dead 2; FAV (new) GAME: Elden Ring; FAV (old) GAME: Darkness 1; FAV ALBUM: Curse of Existence; FAV FOOD: black pepper chicken; FAV YOUTUBER: RedLetterMedia


And that's a wrap on Chainsaw Man's first anime season. A genuine 10/10 from all angles, same as the manga--this is one of the rare moments I have 0 complaints about an mangaka's work, and MAPPA delivered every episode. Now I'm depressed I have to wait


Lowkey cosplaying as a Ratchet & Clank character in Dragonflight


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