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You know what I hate? When games have a "do you want to lower the difficulty?" prompt if you lose a fight consecutively. I KNOW I'm fucking up, game, I don't need you throwing salt in the wound.


Bro I'm genuinely gonna be so sad if Lost Judgment really is our last Yagami game.


Oh happy birthday NeoTurbo!


Question for PS5 owners: is rest mode just totally fucked for you? I stopped using it because I swear, every time I do my controllers don't connect and I have to power the console off. Accidentally went into rest today and the same thing. It's not cool.


Of course Squid Game has been the big thing, but has anyone watched My Name on Netflix? It's like some Yakuza-level high octane crime nonsense. Such a blast, South Korea's just tearing it up, holy hell.


Been playing more co-op tabletop shit with friends (Bloodborne card game, Arkham Horror, etc.) and I'm starting to become the clutch tactician in dire moments. Can't lie, feels good to be counted on to mastermind a victory.


Oh Happy Birthday, Chris and DeScruff! Hope it's a happy Friday, and a happy weekend too.


Wait a fuckin minute, SMT V is out next week?


November 2: Bonus Round. Wanted to make up my missed day, and I had to fit this gem in. This may well be my favorite horror movie, and undoubtedly the best found footage movie I've seen. Thanks for tolerating all the movie posting this season!


October 31. Unfortunately my streak broke last night, as I had to take my girlfriend to the ER for what turned out to be a kidney stone. But thankfully she's okay, and today there's only one choice - Happy Halloween!


October 29th. We're getting towards the end, so I figured I'd finally choose something further back than the 70's. What a film.


Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for all of the kind words and encouragement yesterday. Honestly y'all lifted an already great day - I maintain that this is still the best community On The Web. Thank you!


And apologies for all the posts tonight... But I was offered, and accepted, a job as a paralegal at a local, small law firm tonight! I finally get to stop being a probation officer! This job has been running me ragged and I'm so excited for something new.


October 28th. We watched the whole series tonight so it counts as a movie! Honestly the perfect Fall tradition, I love it so much.


October 27th. Confession time? Honestly not a big fan. Every year I try and see if it'll land better, and it never really does. I LOVE the effects and the monsters, but the writing and the story and and the actors just bore me to tears.


October 25th & 26th. Just some reliable flicks. And then more coming tonight.




October 23rd. The most perfect movie to have ever been made.


fucking psychotic how good Lost Judgment's OST is


October 22nd. Pulse is a movie I watch every October, and every October I forgot just how scary it is. Kind of a horror masterpiece, tbh.


October 20th & 21st. Yesterday my girlfriend requested we watch Corpse Bride, and today we watched Bedevilled. One night of charming fun, one night of violent misery.


October 19th. Plans had to change, so I didn't end up watching what is possibly my favorite horror movie, so I substituted it with another one from the director. It's on YouTube, and even has Kiyoshi Kurosawa in it! Low budget found footage fun.


October 18th. You will not be saved by the holy ghost. You will not be saved by the god Plutonium. In fact, YOU WILL NOT BE SAVED!


October 17th. I think the last time I saw this about six years ago. I've always liked it, but it's one I enjoy more and more as time goes on.


Between all of these horror movies, moving, and trying to find a new job, I've had no time to sit and progress in Lost Judgment. It's been pushing me back to handhelds for now, so I'm finally playing Metroid Fusion, after all the Metroid hype. I'm happy!


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