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Is Sunday. Work tomorrow. Tampa lost the Stanley Cup. Am drunk. Is bueno.


Ending my Elden Ring break at ~2 weeks because I saw The Northman yesterday (loved it) and I now have a deep hunger for Fantasy Violence and Mysticism.


Any Zeal & Ardor fans here? Just heard the newest record a few days ago and fuck me, that shit is tight.


Gotta be real - I love Elden Ring, but at 90 hours I'm really feeling its length. Burnout combined with the the sheer difficulty of the later areas is just a rough combination. Feel like I need a vacation to refresh for the final stretch.


r/movies top tier april 1st bit


Good news: no more build anxiety in Elden Ring because I just remembered about power stancing and who needs intelligence and magic when you can just have large muscles and Two Big Swords?


Think I've only put ~9 hours into Elden Ring so far and I'm having build anxiety. Very Strength focused right now, but suddenly thinking about sorceries. I will NEVER be satisfied with a character.


My Elden Ring review: I fucking love jump attacks


presented without comment


I got Cool Shit recently


i think about this video every day


Happy New Year dtoid! Starting the year off well - last night my boss called me to offer an 8.5% raise after less than two months with the firm. I really lucked out and I've got high hopes for 2022 off the bat, and I hope it all holds up.


So I've missed like all movies (except for Pig) this year. What are your favorites? I got a lot to make up.


Trying to remember the games from this year and totally forgot P5S was 2021 worldwide. Man, what a tight fuckin experience.


Trying to remember the games from this year and totally forgot P5S was 2021 worldwide. Man, what a tight fuckin experience.


A light little haul this year, but I always look forward to Christmas Criterion. Not pictured: whiskey decanter set (perfect for my $15 Evan Williams) and Seattle Kraken merch. Merry Christmas, dtoid!


Bragging on behalf of one of my best friends: his band was named by a Rolling Stone staffer as putting out one of their top albums of the year. The group is Lower Automation, he plays bass, and they're super dope. Check them out if you like noise/math!


I know magic is OP in Demon's Souls, but I've been having so muchore fun since switching to a magic build. Shit, it's not my fault DeS didn't pack enough Lactaid for all this cheese.


Actually watching the first season of The Witcher on account of reports that the second is Enjoyable, and my main take away is we need to travel back in time to cast a young Ian Anderson as Jaskier/Dandelion.


Our GM ended our session by having an NPC inform us that the head hunter of our guild wanted to talk to us based on our recent mission, putting what was an expected promotion on hold and I'm... nervous? Fucked up to be anxious about FICTION.




I DO listen to a lot of Japanese Jazz


If the studios making Pokemon games are going to insist on forcing Exp. Share to the entire team, I really wish they would at least pretend to attempt to balance the games out. I just want to use the ones I like without them being level 18000000, man.


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