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I scanned some pages from issues of Nintendo Power from the early 90's and saw this back cover ad. I thought it would be appropriate to post today. Who's everyone rooting for tonight?


My absolute finest moment in all of Metal Gear. Also, the first time I had driven a truck.


YES!! I finally finished my cover of the barbershop quartet rendition of God Only Knows from Bioshock: Infinite, doing each part myself. I hope you enjoy it! https://soundcloud.com/bardley-723912877/god-only-knows-barbershop-quartet-cover


I'm a few hours into Ni No Kuni and really enjoying it so far. It's like playing through a Studio Ghibli movie. Still, I feel bad fighting the enemies, because they all look so adorable.


Picked up the complete collection of Cowboy Bebop on Blu-Ray today. Okay, 3 2 1 let's jam.


Do you dream about video games?

Dreams are curious things. They can be moments of strong photorealism that feel more than real, or no more than fuzzy half-remembrances. They can be completely silly and nonsensical, or moments which we will never forget. They can be insp...


Just watched the 70 mm cut of The Hateful Eight. A very unique moviegoing experience. It had an intermission and we were given commemorative programs about the film. Great cinematography, clever dialogue, and a solid mystery. I highly recommend it.


Received a full year's run of Nintendo Power issues from 1994 for Christmas, with all the inserts still attached. Really cool looking through the old walkthroughs, comics, and hype for then-upcoming games. Plus, there's the totally 90s artwork.


I just realized that Marowak's name is derived from bone marrow. This feels like stepping into a brand new world... or finally getting a pun after 16 years.


Merged onto the interstate going to work this morning and wound up right next to a Google Street View car. Stayed with it for a good ten miles and was right behind it at some red lights. Been refreshing Street View for half the day to try to find myself.


Got a library card today. Reading adventure awaits.


They Call Me Spooky: You Always Know a Working Joe

I didn’t know what to expect when I first booted up Alien: Isolation this past summer. I hadn’t heard much about the game when it was released last year, only that you escaped from the titular alien with a small arsenal, spending most o...


Picked up the latest issue of Southern Bastards today. Been way too long since the last trip to Craw County.


Bought a used knockoff game console called the Power Kracker 2013, which claimed to have 76,000 games. The AC adapter was missing and someone had crammed an off-brand GameCube controller inside the box. I don't know what I expected.


One Year on Destructoid!

How time flies! It’s hard to believe a year has passed since I caved in and made a profile here at Destructoid. Like many folks around here, I lurked for quite a while before finally joining, and I’m glad I did. For a number of years, I...


Bought my first cassette tape in, well, ever I guess. For those who have watched Over the Garden Wall, a physical tape was sold a few weeks back modeled after the one Wirt made for Sara on the show. 22 minutes of lo-fi clarinet and poetry.


I feel kind of bad for the Diamond Dogs intel team. They work so hard to show me all the plants I immediately run by.


It's always neat hearing enemy guards talk about Big Boss in The Phantom Pain. Adds a nice personal touch when you jump out, shoot them in the face, and balloon them away.


Going to the first college football game I've been to in a long time. Beautiful day for it. Any other fans of college ball?


My DVD copy of Over the Garden Wall came in today. Such an amazing mini series. Great story, beautiful music, gorgeous art, and an all-around wonderful piece of Americana.


My MGSV: The Phantom Pain playthrough has quickly devolved into a journey to fill out Big Boss' 80's synth pop collection. And I couldn't be happier.


We are Diamond Dogs.


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