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Quick Reminder: Bungie Day means freebies!

Just to remind everyone that today is Bungie day so if you go on the marketplace you can get a bunch of free halo stuff including a free level, gamerpics and a theme. More on it here. Happy Bungie day folks!

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Wii gets BBC iPlayer

Some of you fellow Brit's or Europeans may already use the iPlayer on your Computer/Laptop (to catch up on The Apprentice!) but soon, as reported by Eurogamer and The Guardian you'll be able to get it on the Wii! For a small fee of �3.50 it...


Kings of Power 4 Billion % Out Now!

You may remember Paul Robertson for making Pirate Baby's Cabana Battle Street Fight 2006 (which CTZ got his avatar from), but for a year or so he's been working on his latest film. Well it's out now. I'm sure it's worth the download so ...


Gaming Syndromes/Diseases #1: Leanitis & Jumperosis

When I was young and getting into gaming (back in the days of the NES and SNES) I used to find that I stood up alot when getting deep into multiplayer games, such as Duck Hunt or even Mario. As the years went on this continued but eventua...


The first Wii Freeloader review

Vooks has posted the first review of the Wii Freeloader (EU version) and it appears to work fine, unless you have a modchip installed on the Wii already. It even plays a few foreign gamecube games! Anyway now that I know this is working, I ...


What ever happened to #1: Tristero

This is the first of a "probably" regular series asking about what happened to frequenters of Destructoid who have not been seen in a while, now I actually have no idea about where Tristero is, that's why I'm asking the blogging community...


Floyd Mayweather Jr VS The Big Show

Maybe you've seen this already but this made me lol hard, especially when Floyd's team are running away and Big Show is knocking them out of his way like the hulk. Apparently it left Big Show with a broken nose (not that I'm a wrestling f...


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