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Welp. PS3 died. Because of course it did. I'm assuming its the PSU since there's no light whatsoever and I've tried multiple plugs. I just want to scream today.


Just sitting here laughing at all the FFXVI's representation articles when I'm just glad I'm getting some kind of rep of my grandpa's side of the family. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Yeah. People weren't lying. Holy cow; Shadowbringers is so good.


Well, Mom's gone. Passed away earlier this morning after my Dad and Brother changed her. I'm just glad she's in a better place now. Its just strange as hell not seeing or hearing her anymore.


Planning on putting Mom in a hospice. Both Dad and I have been swapping the last few days and its been rough. I think 3 months was overall incredibly generious of the doctor. I don't think a month given the last few days. At least I have Metroid tod


So update on the whole Mom/Dying situation. Dad and I swapped bedrooms tonight. I stayed in with her up until just about an hour ago. She's completely bedridden and all for context. Going to finish this in the comments because I need the space.


Update on the Mom situation: 3-6 months if we're lucky. Cancer's progressed to her brain and more through her bone. She's not getting enough hemoglobin to her brain. She's getting a special bed, oxygen 24/7 and a nurse everday.


I think my Mom might be on her last legs. I really can't handle much more loss at this point. My Nana/Grandma, Papa/Grandpa and my Gran all within a couple years of each other, now potentially Mom too. I'm tired of all the tears at this point.


Oh, hey. With P4 getting a rerelease, its time for the most wonderful time of the year: Persona 4 discourse! Yaaaaaaaaaaay. (I get there's issues with it but man, a lot of people either completely misread the narrative, either plot or character wise


Thats another washing machine screwed because my brother doesn't understand what 'Do something else' means. Here's hoping the warranty's still good.


Holy cow. That new OGL for DND is so, so so much worse. JFC, WotC.


>wanted to play some of my JP PS3 games >can't because for some reason there's a 2FA lock on it >went through support for more than 4 hours >nobody can fix it Screw it; I'll just make a new account. To whoever said 2FA's a good thing, you people suc


RIP Aniki. It was obvious it was going to happen because of how he was looking at the last concert but man, it still hurts.


Got the family a PS5 finally (the Horizon bundle) and myself a Pro Controller for my Switch since my joycons keep dying.


Persona 4 discourse happening on Twitter again. Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. I'm not looking forward to reliving the late 2000s/early 2010s discourse when the ports come out. In other news, new Gundam is gaaaaay. In a good way.


Stop, Aniplex! A1 is already in the grave! No, but seriously. People complained about MAPPA but this is nuts. I wouldn't be surprised if its worse.


Say hi to the new puppy in the house. Brother picked it up. It's a pitbull/Staffordshire mix from what he said.


Wow. The game's section of Digimon Con is....pretty bad.


So...uh... They did it.


Ace Combat 7 has been beaten. I SQUEALED when you-know-who showed up at the end of the final mission. Like, holy cow. YES.


>try and buy some Singapore PSN cards so I could grab the SD Gundam GGen Cross Rays Expansion pass and Genesis >bank doesn't like that, locks my debit card and account >almost 3 hours on hold, today and last night combined Everytime I order something


Sigh. https://nationalpost.com/news/canada/police-can-stop-anyone-just-for-being-outside-inside-ontarios-harsh-new-lockdown-measures


HOLY. SHIT. The Macross/Robotech feud between Studio Nue/Big West and Harmony is DONE. https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2021-04-08/big-west-studio-nue-harmony-gold-agree-to-global-distribution-of-macross-robotech/.171570


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