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Ray Liotta! What??? RIP good fella.


Spotify woke me up to this today. Such a cute song. "Time and lots of money", ha.


It's pouring down; major rain. Storming. Teddy in his raincoat. Mavs playoff. Damn TX Tragedy. It's really harsh stuff. Hope everyone can keep it together and buy crypto! Dumb joke. Shit is depressing... Uggggghh so depressing.


Our Flag Means Death is so good.


Goddamn just play the conversation Horizon Forbidden West. Such a disconnect having to select dialogue. Especially talking to G***. A million slow ass conversations. It never ends!


Finally done with exhausting yardwork. Anywho, there's a big sale at GOG and they're giving away some of those really early Elder Scrolls games. Also Heretic + Hexen Collection for $2.99.


Wow. According to ScreenRant website, Everything Everywhere All at Once has an 8.8 on IMDB so it's currently the 9th best movie rated there of all time. I know reviews are subjective, but that's way impressive!


Met a new customer who is a 6 yr Afghanistan army bro. I just get along with military dudes so much. Plus Frank.


All burgers should like they're ready to eat you back.


Cawthorn lost primary, Yay!! Not endorsing the winner but still. Little bastard! And John Fetterman won in PA. That's good! Big boy hoodie rockin' good dude.


I think this was me at 14. I had a good mom. Everyone loved her. Multiple children named after her. Julie.


Game 7 Mavs v Phoenix. Mavs very much ahead early on! Let's go! Let's go Boomstick!


Seems every time I try and lie down and end the night and just put on a movie I want to see, it's a shit fest. I fucking hate technology. Over an hour to try and watch Scream 3. Crappy cock sucking asshole bullshit.


Finally made it with my dog sitter. Might be 18 years older than me be she is sexy and fun. Dear diary. Oh wait.


Got some FlyEase sneakers in the mail today. The gimmick is you can snap them off your feet real easily. They are alright. Cool concept. No regret.


Doctor Strange 2 was very boring and there wasn't much surprising in it.


Ok so there's a Chevrolet commercial where the dad is watching his son play a racing game and running into walls and the narrator is like, "One day that'll be him driving". Oh fuck off. I seriously hate advertising. What a cheap shot.


Teddy. Not bad for being in the middle of a big city. Good boy. Also, him being wore out in the comments.


Sorry, I'm the only one that cares pretty much, but Go Stars!! Leading the series, said we'd be swept.. Hell yes! Stanley Cup Playoffs


Hey now! Seen here: An Arby's employee in DFW submits their resignation. XD


Today is so slow for work, but I do have a haircut here in an hour though. Very overdue for one. Happy Cinco de Mayo 🍹


Timely.. can't imagine anyone here hasn't seen it, but Carlin just being brilliant about conservatives and abortion. “They’re anti-women” .. mmhmm


Ive audibly identified in 2 separate showings of 'Everything' a person (both times a male) in the audience who laughs preemptively at anything funny. Yeah, you've seen the movie. Shut up and let the people that haven't seen it find the laughs on their own


Haven't had booze in awhile.. but boring Saturday night at home so why not say hello to Jerry. Tomorrow is my 5th watching of Everything Everywhere All at Once at the IMAX and my BFF is going! Unbelievably happy. Hope everyone is well.


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