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I might just end up finishing Star Ocean 1, which is a bit surprising considering the barebones story and characterization is typically a turn off for me, but I just fell into a groove in the gameplay loop. Button mash, level up, distribute skill points.


It never ceases to amaze me that people who live their entire lives online and know better than anyone else exactly how the internet works keep doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Case in point:


Playing through Star Ocean First Departure, the only one in the series besides the lastest one I've never played. I had low expectations, teen JRPGs no longer hold the same away over me, but I'm happy to say 10 hours in I'm still quite into it.


Browsing through the PS Extra Catalogue I came across World of Fantasy and decided to try it out. I don't know if it's got enough of a hook to keep my attention for dozens of hours, I'm finding myself less easily charmed in my old age, but so far so good.


What did you play this month? What did you finish, what was your favorite? I finished TLOU2, Wolfenstein 2 and Remnant From The Ashes. Surprisingly, my GOTM is a tie between TLOU2 and Remnant.


I can't believe it took me so long to check out Remnant From The Ashes. It's pretty good, I'm hooked! Anyone here still playing it? Or maybe it's been languishing in your backlog for years? I highly recommend giving it a shot!


Finally finished TLOU2. And boy, do I have thoughts and feelings to share.


Those TLOU2 sequences where Ellie gets the jump on people, then gives them long, huge, predictable openings to fight back just so she can kill them in dramatic fashion rather than execute them are ridiculous.


I can't use the Steam mobile app chat anymore, Steam decided to make it a separate app that can't log in to my account for some reason. Yay.


Sharon, a self-described hot 18-year old girl, wants to get to know me better on PSN, all I have to do is click the link she sent. Should I do it? Tempting. Hard to say no to a hot 18 year old.


Currently on Day 2 of TLOU2. So far I'm significantly more invested in it than I ever was in TLOU.


What an incredible match. History making stuff. This guy deserves it, not to mention Messi. They damn near pulled a Brazil and collapsed near the end, but pulled through!


We had this locked down and threw it away in the final moments, as we've made a habit of doing. I had very little hope a dejected, trainwrecked Brazil would beat the confident croats in the penalties.


Good thing Brazil got all the dancing out of their system last match, doesn't look like they'll be dancing again in Qatar.


Brits complaining about young brazilians celebrating goals with tik tok dances come across as modern expressions of their "civilize the barbarian" fantasies.


Nvidia is reportedly set to lower the price of the 4080. Turns out when gamers respond to price gouging by not buying instead of buying & complaining, good things happen. Who'd Have thought!


How good is Xbox 360 emulation these days? I got a solid new Gaming Laptop (yay!) and Game Pass is essentially free the first month, so I'd like to at last play through the Gears of War Series, which would require emulation for the 360 exclusives.


Kinda wild that Sekiro still didn't get a price drop after all this time, at least in my region.


Considering replacing my 1060 gaming laptop. Looking into a 3070 model, but the price difference between a 3070 laptop and a 3060 one is quite big. How much performance loss can I expect with a 3060? Can I expect it to be good enough for at least 5 years?


The ability to seamlessly switch between turn based and real time with pause in Pathfinder WotR is one of its best features. For most encounters you can blast through in real time, and go turn based for the challenging ones.


Anyone else can't help but feel FOMO when you subscribe to a service like +Extra or Gamepass and spend time playing a different platform? I got +Extra, and now that I'm back playing PC slowly going through Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous...


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