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I was finally going to play FF7 remake after AC Valhalla, but then Yakuza Like a Dragon showed up on PS+ August games, and the plan changed.


Not sure what the big deal with stray is. I played for close to an hour, the novelty of meaowing, purring and pawing as a kitten wore off, and I don't really feel compelled to play any more.


Over 110 hours later, I finished Valhalla. What a ride. And the ending, well... let's talk about it. Massive spoilers, obviously.


Once videogames solve clipping, I guess they'll have achieved the pinnacle of photorealism, or close enough.


Friendly reminder to play CoD before suing Activision.


I finally joined the subscription era with PS+ extra. Catalogue looked pretty good for the upgrade cost. I guess there's no point in thinking about "backlogs" anymore, just as there's no "Netflix backlog". The backlog is dead, long live the backlog!


Valhalla is freaking huge, even by Assassin's Creed standards.


AC Valhalla sells the Viking fantasy really well. It has some design annoyances but it's a great game.


This may be a minor AC Valhalla spoiler, but it's obvious from the opening moments it's going this way, so probably not. I got to the part Eivor and Randi go out for a stroll together and she kisses him at the end and tells him how she feels. I like her


Infiltrating enemy bases that have guards that actually look towards the entrance rather than turn their backs to it must be really hard.


It seems there are quite a few shitty people finishing Stray in under 2 hours, then refunding it on Steam just because they can. Wonder why Valve doesn't close this loophole, maybe they just don't care.


Europe keeping Africa poor by, among many other things, refusing to finance fossil fuel projects under the guise of saving the planet, only to turn around and pour money into those same projects as soon as they need the energy really says it all.


Should my gamer pride hurt that it's taking me 15-30 lives to get past a Crash 4 level or it's supposed to be hard? I don't remember being so bad at this!


I pulled the trigger on PS+ Extra, there ate quite a few games on the catalogue high on my priority list. Should I prioritize non-Sony games because they're more likely to leave the service, or is that nonsense?


Finally played The Last Guardian. I don't see the big deal at all. Sadly, I didn't feel much playing it other than boredom.


Trust only in the force! I just finished Jedi Fallen Order and it was awesome! It's been ages since I've played an Star Wars game, and this one delivered and then some. I can't believe it was made by EA, that it was an old-school single player, and that


Videogame pet peeve: never checking if the villain is actually dead.


John Bolton warned the U.S not to allow a negotiated peace in Ukraine. Mike Pompeo said the the same thing, adding peace would strengthen a "pan-eurasian colossus" led by China. They don't even try to pretend anymore that this isn't about saving Ukraine.


I look back to Demon's Souls, with Sony declining a western release and Atlus ordering only 50k copies at first, and marvel that even Jedi Fallen Order is "Soulslike" now, with bonfires and recover your bloodstain mechanics.


I'm a boring person. Shooters keep trying to give me unique, Fancy and innovative weapons, and I keep largely ignoring them in favor of the same old assault rifles and same old shotguns.


It's a travesty that Metal Gear Solid 4 is still locked in the PS3 dungeon. Come on Konami, remaster it already!


Rage 2 is legit. Significant improvement over the meh Rage 1.


Didn't see this on the FP, so I'll mention it here. Apparently Bayonetta 3 has a "family friendly" mode called "Naive Angel mode" that, you guessed it, covers up Bayonetta. Leave it to Platinum to have their fun even when naming stuff lol.


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