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I tell myself this Witcher 3 playthrough should be more focused on the story to avoid burnout since I've been playing witcher games non-stop starting with the first Witcher, but my brain seems incapable of leaving question marks undiscovered.


6 years later, The Bloody Baron is still quite possibly the most memorable RPG questline ever.


Accurate rendition of Geralt fighting enemies while mounted on roach.


Playing Witcher 3 right after Witcher 2 rather than 5 years later makes it much clearer how much of a gameplay improvement it is. The core combat feels very similar, but almost everything else is better, making for a significantly smoother experience.


Things videogames teach you: even if you know you're being conned, you should still go along with it because the life experience you gain is worth it.


First time I played Witcher 3, I instinctively saw Nilfgaard as an evil invader and opposed it at every turn. Now? I'm starting to believe nordlings are as barbaric as Nilfgaardians say they are and the world will be less fucked up under its banner.


The Witcher 3 on PC is freaking incredible. I expected my old 1060 to get similar PS4 performance, but it holds a wonderful 60fps, which feels much better, at high settings with a higher resolution textures mods. It's a thing of beauty.


Finished Witcher 2! Still a masterpiece, 12 years later. Some decisions are just agonizing. Such a shame that they largely erased 2's story for the sequel, would love to see more of it carry over. I mean, I get that they were going for a new console...


The Witcher games are extremely good at making you want to murder some people in the slowest, most painful way possible.


I just found out Cyberpunk 2077 cost 316 million dollars! My jaw dropped. That's nearly triple the Witcher 3 budget. With numbers like that, a single miss can kill a company. Not sure how this is supposed to be sustainable.


Man, the Witcher choices between Scoiatel and humans make me think long and hard about it every time despite the fact I've chosen multiple times by now. On the face of it, there aren't really "two sides", there's one side who welcomed the other long ago,


Anyone here got Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning? Is it worth it for owners of the original version? Considering getting it, but the graphical upgrades look very minor in side by side comparisons.


I really hope CD projekt takes advantage of the Netflix Witcher hype to remaster The Witcher 2, ideally with the first game as well. Perhaps even a remake of the first game to make it more in line with the action combat of the later entries. The series..


My old GTX1060 runs The Witcher 2 at 1440p on ultra settings, and it looks incredible. If someone told me it was a new game, I'd believe it without a second thought. What a marvelous achievement it was in 2011.


I think I've finally hit the point where I'm largely indifferent about a new console generation, much less when I'm being asked to spend a small fortune on it. Don't get me wrong, it's not that I don't think PS5-gen games aren't good or that...


Started the year finishing my rerun of the first Witcher game. Dated though it might be by modern standards, I still had a blast and was glued to the screen from beginning to end.


Started my replay of the Witcher series with The Enhanced Edition. Next thing I know it's 6am and I'm still playing.


Since Vampyr doesn't work, I was going to start Death Stranding, but with the arrival of The Witcher season 2 on Netflix, this might be a good time to finally replay the awesome Witcher Trilogy.


Vampyr looks interesting and full of potential. Unfortunately, my laptop completely shuts down when running it. The issue doesn't seem to happen with any other game, so doesn't look hardware-related. Bummer.


Merry Christmas all. Had a nice day playing Werewolf Heart of the Forest and enjoying the evening with family. Can't ask for more.


Halo 4 is done, and with it my current run of the series. It was... pretty good? The campaign engaged me more than 3's. I'm glad I finally got to play this storied series.


Finally got around to finishing Netflix's Castlevania. Surprisingly good stuff. I'm glad they resisted the temptation to keep it going, wrapped up the story and will continue with a new series instead.


Wait, a super omega advanced AI like Cortana deteriorates after 7 years, while I've used old ass computers for that long? I call shenanigans!


Finished Halo 3. 2 was my favorite of the original trilogy. I was going to play ODST next, but I want to see what happens to MC after 3 and I'm not too excited about side stories, so I'll go straight to 4. After that I'll probably take a Halo break.


I expect to finish Halo 3 today or tomorrow, and it looks like the formula will get old before I finish the remaining MCC games, Reach, ODST and 4. Which of those have the better campaigns and stories?


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