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How good is Xbox 360 emulation these days? I got a solid new Gaming Laptop (yay!) and Game Pass is essentially free the first month, so I'd like to at last play through the Gears of War Series, which would require emulation for the 360 exclusives.


Kinda wild that Sekiro still didn't get a price drop after all this time, at least in my region.


Considering replacing my 1060 gaming laptop. Looking into a 3070 model, but the price difference between a 3070 laptop and a 3060 one is quite big. How much performance loss can I expect with a 3060? Can I expect it to be good enough for at least 5 years?


The ability to seamlessly switch between turn based and real time with pause in Pathfinder WotR is one of its best features. For most encounters you can blast through in real time, and go turn based for the challenging ones.


Anyone else can't help but feel FOMO when you subscribe to a service like +Extra or Gamepass and spend time playing a different platform? I got +Extra, and now that I'm back playing PC slowly going through Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous...


Pathfinder WotR seems pretty good so far. I've always had a soft spot for well crafted Heaven vs Hell epics.


Getting the hang of this cRPG thing. Started Pathfinder:WotR and it took me less than two hours to get past the character creation step!


Finished Ghost of Tsushima. Damn. While the ending was more predictable and telegraphed than I'd have liked, it was executed so flawlessly it was no less heartbreaking.


Pet peeve: game journalists who say remake and remaster as though they mean the same thing 😤😤


I've been slaughtering Mongols by the dozens and they don't even see me coming. Literally, as they tend to be conveniently investigating walls.


I've never met a mongol in my life but I already hate their guts. HONOR SHALL BE RESTORED!


After a couple of Dark Pictures games, back in more traditional gaming territory with Ghost of Tsushima, which certainly starts with a bang. Hopefully it can keep it up!


Little Hope was an improvement over Man of Medan most of the game, but wow, they managed to make an ending that soured the whole experience. What a stupid ending.


Little Hope added prompts to warn of incoming QTEs and that alone makes it a massive improvement over Man of Medan.


I just finished Man of Medan and, well, not the best of endings, to put it mildly. How did your playthrough go, assuming anyone's played it? Spoilers, naturally.


How the heck did Platinum make a game so bad it's being killed less than a year after release and physical copies are being given away for free? Were they replaced by aliens? Did Squenix get in the way? Were they just not feeling it? All of the above?


How do you guys feel about changing Aerith's fate in FF7 remake part 2?


Does FF7R Yuffie DLC have any relevant plot points whatsoever? I finished chapter 1, felt like uninteresting comic relief fluff, and I'm not sure I want to bother with the rest. Main game was fantastic though, can't wait for part 2!


Without spoilers, were those phantom-like things in the FF7 remake that supposedly prevent people from diverging from the planet's will present in the original? I can't remember.


Despite FF7 being one of the most impactful games of my life, I only played it once and don't remember a lot of the details and minor story beats, so I often can't tell if the remake is changing something or not, which is a good thing.


To this day, Aerith's theme still makes me feel like crying, and I'm not even joking.


To this day, Aerith's theme still makes me feel like crying, and I'm not even joking.


I was still clinging to the fantasy of waiting for the entire FF7 remake trilogy (lol), but its release on the PS+ catalogue finally put my illusions to rest. Time to revisit the gang once more. Gif related.


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