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I must have made a wrong turn at Albuquerque, because I'm definitely in the wrong part of town on Apple Music:




'member MGSV? I do. What was your chopper entry music? I struck fear into the hearts of my foe's with "Gloria". At least until Venom completely snapped, started blasting "Quiet's Theme" and went on a few explosive murder sprees.


The source of my avatar is actually pretty cool. Sadly I don't know who the artist is. Whelp, I don't think I shared this before:


Please vote for chibi-batman's halloween costume: Devil, Vampire, Eldrich Abomination, Robot, Bat, Grim Reaper, Zombie or other. I can't decide.


I will never understand how so many people can be mature enough to hold down a job, but still throw vulgar insults at strangers on the internet.


I finally made a twitter account, so I could bitch at Bungie. First tweet and already a pro.


Needy bump: Hey! Listen! My Destiny2 copy finally arrived, so now y'all PS4 Destiny players will fork over your PSN IDs again. I'm Bottleobeer and looking for companionship.


"I'm serious as cancer when I say rhythm is a dancer" is a really inappropriate lyric. That is all.


Everybody! I need your help. Send me your magical good luck beams, so I'll get Destiny 2 in the mail tomorrow. I really want to play it before half the playerbase turns on it and I'm not allowed to say anything positive about it anymore. Also: Weekend.


Started watching Black Mirror. This is like a really, really upsetting Twilight Zone. It's very uncomfortable to watch and I'm almost considering dropping it because of that. Currently at S02E02 White Bear.


Overwatch ratings are f*ed up. Lost 6 out of 10 placement matches and got placed at 3241. That's higher than my previous season highs. Except S3; that was 3279.


Happy Bday Dere. I'd honor you with a pun, but I think we'd better leave that to you.


I f*ing hate my country. My destiny 2 copy will approximately arrive on Tuesday... it said 7-9th on the store.


Question: If I use 1337 haxxx to give myself the bullshit premium currency in Shadow of War, is that stealing/piracy?


My colleagues are working on a project called "Health Engine".... unfortunately they pronounce it "Hell's Engine" every single time and it's slowly driving me insane.


If I had a lazy eye, I'd use it as an excuse to wear a kickass eyepatch in public.


My wife was pissed at me and I don't know why, but I bought her 2$ flowers and now it's fine again. Okay.


Update: I'm considering buying Destiny 2 on both PC and PS4 now. You guys suck. You were supposed to help me. I'm more conflicted than ever.


WTF is wrong with y'all? Not picking Gardevoir is a disgrace.


Okay after reading your comments I'm down for Destiny 2. Now comes the truly hard question: PC or PS4? PC will obviously control better, but PS4 has exclusive content and might allow me to hook up with my D1 buds again.


It's official: I'm too late for the Destiny 2 beta. Those of you who've played it, give me some impressions please. Loved D1 for its gameplay, hated it for its progression system through DLCs.


Okay who of you is "brooklyn _ squirti"?


It's easy to dismiss this song because of the video, but I really like it. It's one of those things I like to listen to on a loop while I doze off or work on something.


I'm not a hateful person (okay I am), but I gotta say I absolutely hate that Fire Emblem Heroes has turned from "rock, paper, scissors" into "rock, paper, scissors, towel, mushroom, scissorsword, plane, Keith Urban, potted plant, chair, an ice cold beer"


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