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Well I just went HUGE on Dtoid.

So Destructoid is now allowing us to pay 3 bucks a month or 30 bucks a year to support the site, and get awesome ad-free browsing. There are a bunch of other perks listed on the page announcing the new HUGE memberships, but I find what I ...


Some games I have been playing.

Unreal Tournament 3 I am a console gamer primarily. I do not enjoy PC controls for first person shooters as they cramp up my boney long fingers. So no matter how superior PC mouse and keyboard controls may be for shooters, if they cramp ...


Asscramps and Mirror's Edge impressions.

Asscramps Was looking for a picture from that episode where Homer's ass leaves an indentation in the couch cushion. Couldn't find it, so look at this instead. Also, the new google image layout is freaking horrible. It looks like a crappy...


Got a Xbox 1. Got other gaming stuff.

I have been feeling lazy, so consequently, I have not felt like writing many blogs lately as you may have noticed. I have been getting in a lot of gaming lately though and that is probably why I have not felt like blogging. Sometimes I end ...


Pictures of My Psychotic Gaming Setup

I finally got a digital camera. Well, I kind of did. I just got a new cell phone with a camera phone in it. I never have had a real digital camera, just a few cheapo keychain digital cameras. But yea, anyways I tooks some pictures of my ga...


Heavy Metal + Video Games = MindGasm

+ = I like heavy metal a lot. I like video games a lot. I was on youtube a week or 2 ago and found this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MdnguG-K66Q&feature=related Holy crap. Awesomeness. I went nuts after finding this and favorite...


When Rugs Attack! (I am lucky to be alive...)

I had the most epic battle of my life tonight. 2 ill-tempered rugs entered my room. I needed to tame these wild linty beasts and put them on my floor. They did not wish for this happen. So, we had to enter a life or death struggle. My r...


About lazyhoboguyone of us since 1:41 AM on 12.09.2008

My main hobby is playing video games so most of my blogs will be about them.

My consoles are: Game Boy, Game Boy Advance(and gba sp), Nintendo 64, Play Station 2, Play Station 3, Xbox 1 NES, SNES, and Gamecube.

Here is my video game collection:

Here is a list of just my online video games:


I also am active in playing PS2 and Xbox 1 games through LAN tunneling. I play games that have had their online servers taken down. A program called xlink kai
(https://www.teamxlink.co.uk/) allows ps2 and xbox games with a LAN option to be played online still. Timesplitters Future Perfect on PS2 is the game I play the most through this method.

If you want to plan game with other Playstation 2 online players and Playstation 2 LAN tunnelers (using Xlink Kai) check out this site:


my youtube channel:

My nicknames for other stuff

Xfire: WormAssassin
psn: lazyhoboguy
Xlink: lazyhobobum
PSN ID:lazyhoboguy


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