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Net Neutrality - We Want It!

Picture unrelated, kind of... I got an interesting email this morning from Brett Schenker, the Online Advocacy Manager for the Entertainment Consumers Association. The email urged me to speak out for Net Neutrality and after doing everyth...


Call of Duty: Classic Review (XBLA)

There has been much fervor on display in the gaming community for the recently released Modern Warfare 2. And with good reason, the game is quite possibly the best interactive depiction of modern war that we have yet seen. It�s also a to...


My New Friend Arrived in the Mail Today!

A green box...Is this what I think it is? Styrofoam, hmmm, must be important. FUCK YES! IT'S MY VERY OWN MR. DESTRUCTOID! These are the places where Mr. Dtoid might end up in my apartment. On my desk where I keep various things I li...


Saints Row 2 vs No Russian: Redux

Here's hoping you pull a Captain Price and make it to the sequel Ghost. WARNING: This blog contains massive spoilers for Modern Warfare 2. If you haven't played through the whole game, I'd advise you to stop reading now. In my last blog ...


Saints Row 2 vs No Russian

I'm sure if you're reading this than you are familiar with the infamous No Russian Level in Modern Warfare 2 as well as the controversy surrounding it. Now, I haven't played MW2 yet, it's in the mail, should arrive any day now, but I've s...


ATTN GYRAEL: You've Won Torchlight!

Congratulations Gyrael, I've selected your photoshop and comment as the winner of my little contest! Your fellow Dtoiders gave you a serious run for your money though, I wish I had more copies of the game to give away as this was a hard c...


Torchlight Free Giveaway!

UPDATE: Gyrael Won! Check it out. I've been a member here on Destructoid for a long time now, ever since December 2006. In my time here, I've made a few friends, won a contest or two and learned a whole lot about video games. Never have...


The Future of Mobile Gaming

The controls need to be refined, but I see a definite future in mobile games. Ever since Nokia first embedded snake onto their phones in the late 90s, mobile gaming has been getting bigger every year. These last two years has seen the iPh...


Epic Weekend Deals from Steam

Steam usually has some good stuff for sale every weekend but this weekend really blows me away. First up we have the Crysis Maximum Edition, which is Crysis and Crysis Warhead packaged together for $29.98! Considering $29.98 is the norma...


Jackie Chan as Chun-Li

I found this video on /v/ just now and I absolutely had to share it with the Dtoid community. This scene is from a Jackie Chan movie I've never head of before called "City Hunter" and it's pretty badass. I just love how they accurately us...


The Next Step: Political Games

Could a game like this sway your vote in 2012? Bonus points if you know what game this picture is spoofing. Video Games as a medium are maturing every day, we all know this. Twenty years ago, the idea of a game such as America's Army bei...


Why do gamers cheat?

It�s time for another blog dealing with one of the issues I am discussing in my Psychological and Social Effects of Games class. This week we�re discussing cheating in video games. I used to play a lot of Halo 2, like a whole lot. One o...


Breaking up is hard to do [NVGR]

That's all she wrote folks. My relationship with my wonderful girlfriend is over. I've mentioned her in several other blogs (never by name), most notably in my most recent set-up blog. She said numerous times over the last month or so that ...


Moral Change Because of Video Games?

Get it? Today I�m writing this blog post to ask Destructoid what I think is an interesting question. I�ve been pondering lately, mostly because of my Psychological and Social Effects of Games class, what, if any, moral standards do video...


Scribblenauts and Speeding Tickets

Woo hoo! Sribblenauts came out today! Long months of avoiding any Scribblenauts related media has finally payed off! I literally couldn't wait to get out of class today so I could pick up my pre-order copy and get home. Which is probably ...


So I just beat Arkham Asylum

And I must say, I loved it. Batman will be a strong contender for my Game of the Year 2009. During my play through of the game I avoided any and all blogs discussing the game�s story while bookmarking a few of them. I did get the general ...


My Setup and Game Collection [UPDATED]

This is the main set up in the living room. Here you can see our PS3, Xbox 360 Elite, Wii as well as games for all three systems. [UPDATE]: I decided not to be such a lazy bum and I unpacked my SNES, Genesis and N64 collections. I also go...


2D is back on XBLA

Ever since the Playstation was released and 3D graphics were made possible, it seems that most developers have left 2D gaming in the dust. That's a shame because there are a lot of things that 2D games can do that 3D games cannot. Well, I...


Hello From Earth!

I like to share the interesting things I find out there on the internet with you fine folks here at Destructoid. One of the things that particularly interests me is space and astronomy, which is why when I ran across HelloFromEarth.net I ...


New PSTriple Owner!

Yesterday was an awesome day for videogames. I had originally planned on doing nothing but play Marvel vs. Capcom 2 all day but that didn�t exactly work out. My girlfriend wanted to do some shopping and she convinced me to come along by t...


The Path is available now on GameTap

The Path was always a game I was interested in but Rev's review made me not want to spend my money. Luckily, I won't have to as The Path was released on GameTap yesterday along with Rise Of The Argonauts, an action RPG from Codemasters. I...


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