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The Haul Blog That Will End All Haul Blogs

Hey Destructoid, it's been awhile eh? I've been a busy little robot, let me tell you. I just graduated from RPI with a BAS in Video Games and Simulations Arts and Sciences and a BAS in Communications so I'm looking for a job. On top of th...


Emotion and Amnesia: The Dark Descent

This blog was written as an assignment for my Experimental Game Design class, so if it seems more formal than my usual entries, that's why. Amnesia: The Dark Descent is one of the very few games that I can claim legitimately scares me. Th...


Nintendo 3DSi Lite XL Unofficially Announced!

Okay, so maybe I'm getting ahead of myself with my blog title here, but after buying the first gen DS and first gen GBA, I can't help but feel paranoid that Nintendo will be making such an announcement now that I'm the proud owner of a co...



Everyone's excited to celebrate mah birthday! So I just got off the phone with Obama, who had just gotten off the phone with several other world leaders. It seems they all agree that we need a summer holiday that rivals the birth of Jesu...


I Miss You Cblogs...

Hey everyone, it's been awhile since I've been around these parts. I figured I'd drop by, see how you all were doing and give you a bit of an update on myself. Life has been pretty crazy for me as of late, I'm one semester away from gradu...


LAST CALL: Win the Indie Beat Pack on Steam!

Attention Dtoiders, you now have less than 12 hours to submit a photoshop to my contest and secure your chance to win 5 games! Tonight at midnight eastern time, I will be checking the submissions and picking a winner. Tomorrow around this...


CONTEST REMINDER: Win the Indie Beat Pack on Steam!

You want this... This is just a reminder to all dtoiders that you now have a little over 2 days to enter my Holiday contest, the winner of which will receive the Indie Beat Pack on Steam which includes Beat Hazard, Chime and Bit.Trip Beat...


HOLIDAY CONTEST: Steam Indie Beat Pack

Last year's winning entry, by Gyrael. Last year for the Holidays, I decided to give back to the Dtoid community by giving away Torchlight in a small contest right here on my cblog. It was one of the most fulfilling things I've ever done h...


New Setup Blog (20+ pics!)

This is the view of my living room from the couch. So it�s been a while since I posted one of these and you all seemed to like the last two I did so here I am with round three. I�ve actually been using this current setup for about half a ...


A little preview of next month...

My last setup blog was rather popular on here but as most of you know, I no longer have access to that setup and have been saving my money for new stuff for about a year now. Well, I bought the Wii a few months ago, I've been told by a ve...


NASA's Face in Space

No, this isn't video game related, but it is too awesome not to share with you guys and gals. NASA has a website up here that allows you to upload your name and photo for them to take with them on their next mission into space. That's rig...


Halo Reach Beta Impressions

So this started out as a comment on Hamza's front page post last night but it got too long so I decided to post it here in the cblogs. It was so long in fact that I felt it was getting TL:DR even for the cblogs. So I shortened it down to ...


Bad Company 2 Single Player Review (No Spoilers)

Some of you may remember me winning the original Bad Company in a Dtoid contest a couple of years ago. I'd like to think that getting the game for free didn't make it easier to love but I did love it more than most. I thought the single p...


Red Rings and Silver Linings

Yep,it finally happened. 12/16/2007 - 2/21/2010, my Xbox 360 lived a short but productive life. It will be shipped off to be repaired this week. Here's how it went down. I had just sat down to play some Bioshock 2 multiplayer,which I was ...


It's not just gamers...

This person was mad about something but it wasn't necessarily video games. I've been hearing a lot of talk lately about how negative gamers are and how we can never appreciate anything. The stereotype says that we will bitch about everyth...


Mini-Setup blog and Demo Impressions

I really need to get a proper digital camera. These cellphone pics aren't cutting it. A few people have asked about my setup recently so thought I�d post at least one picture of the setup I�ve been gaming on for the past few months. Desp...


About DaedHead8one of us since 8:06 PM on 12.18.2006

What's up Destructoid?
My name is Sean McLoughlin and I've been sent from the futurepast to march with my fellow robots to victory. For Niero!

My favorite games can be numerous (as I'm sure is true of most here at Dtoid), but my all time favorites are Final Fantasy VI, Diablo II, Bioshock, Braid, Demon's Souls and Metal Gear Solid. I never rent games and I rarely trade in or sell the games I buy so I have a pretty massive game collection. For the sake of space I'll just tell you to check out my Backloggery account which I have linked below.

I'm a video game designer and an RPI graduate with a degree in Games and Simulation Arts and Sciences. When I'm not working with my development group Darkroom Games or gaming you can probably find me reading a science fiction/fantasy novel. My favorite authors are George RR Martin, Terry Brooks, Garth Nix and Terry Goodkind. I'm also a big fan of movies, my all time favorite movie/director is Reservoir Dogs/Tarantino. I love Professional Wrestling, Y2J SAVE US! My favorite band is obviously The Grateful Dead although my musical tastes are quite varied. I listen to everything from Modest Mouse to Wu-Tang Clan.

Bored? Why not try one of the games I've made:
Floyd's Tomb
Season of Thorns

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