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TooManyGames was awesome. Can't wait to go back next year!


31 years ago today, a blue hedgehog made his grand debut. And tonight, we're going back to where it all begin as we play Sonic Origins! Happy Birthday, Sonic! https://twitch.tv/virtuakazama


Welcome to Summers, where everything is SO GODDAMN EXPENSIVE! But hey, at least there's Magic Cake. I don't know what's in it, but I'll eat it! Time for more Earthbound! https://twitch.tv/virtuakazama


After two long years, I finally get to go to TooManyGames this weekend! About damn time.


Shredder's Revenge is fun. Also, I call dibs on Raphael.


Welcome to Moonside: A city where Yes is No and No is Yes. Located inside a local ba- I mean a café within Fourside. Anyway, time for more Earthbound! https://twitch.tv/virtuakazama


Tonight is a special night for VF5US because this is our 50th Bi-Weekly that we've hosted. Let's show the FGC how we in the VF Community represent our game! https://twitch.tv/virtuakazama


Never in my entire life have I seen someone rage quit a lobby in Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown... until two days ago.


Welcome to Fourside, home of the Monotoli Building, alien invasions, corruption, and other weird things. Also, there's a traffic jam at the Dusty Dunes Desert for some reason. Anyway, it's time for Earthbound! https://twitch.tv/virtuakazama


Since I am stuck home alone with COVID, I'm going to have some fun with the PS5. I'm happy that I was able to get one.


Welcome to Saturn Valley, where they have free healthcare, hot baths, and free vacancies for hotels. Also, a large literal pile of puke is taking them for slave labor. It's time for more Earthbound! https://twitch.tv/virtuakazama


I took an entire week of streaming off because I felt mentally exhausted over what happened last weekend. But I'm back and ready to resume for tonight.


We're back on VF3tb for Virtua Fighter Takeover! Tonight, we're going to take a look at some classic VF3 tournament videos as well as play a couple matches! https://twitch.tv/virtuakazama


Waddle Dees are saved, and everyone are friends now! Well, almost everyone because we're missing somebody... It's time for more Kirby and the Forgotten Land! https://twitch.tv/virtuakazama


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