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The Switch Pro is the friends we made along the way. For 399€ (Inc. VAT).


Forget Halo and Skyrim, Spencer saw the potential of a Rogue Warrior 2 exclusive to Xbox and paid Bethesda whatever they asked for.


THPS 1+2 is just so nostalgic much fun. Pure, old fun. Felt like I was 12 again, almost grabbed my skateboard to go out and rip it like a madman like I used to -- but memories of a broken wrist quickly came back.


So, how is Covid treating everyone? Things here in Greece have began to loosen up, step by step. Hopefully, normality will return soon for all of us. Hope you're safe and healthy. Hope my backlog realises we had something more than a six-year-stand.


Ah, the PS5 Deep Dive inspired me to write another blog (only fair, I wrote about Xbox), stretch those fingers. Hopefully, you like it when it comes :)


Happy New Year to every 'toidhead! Hope it's full of joy, gaming and good health. Last one is tricky, as I want to clear my backlog on PS4, Xbox One and Switch; at least 100 games in-between 2020's games and consoles. What are your gaming resolutions?


A colleague of mine brought me this today. He used to work in the local Sony branch, but he simply can't remember what this is; back then, they just told him it's rare. I can't, for the life of me, understand what it is! Anyone that can help?


Ah, here I am, actively a part of the community at last and not just a reader anymore! Some account problems excluded (*cough* Disqus *cough*), everything's smooth as butter. Glad I had some spare time to write my first blog, too!


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Greetings, from the land called Greece. I am Christos, and I am fascinated by everything (mostly, SFW) coming from the land known as Japan.

I own more than 1300 physical games and over 60 consoles plus a gaming PC, as, evidently, I also quite like games. Sources tell me the color of the sun is green; need to go outside once, to confirm.

From the many different experiences I have, came my love of writing about games, and so, here I am.

P.S.: Insult Okami and/or Final Fantasy, at your peril.