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Time for some Cursedtoid posting


As cool as this announcement is I would have been FAR more hyped without that last few seconds image with "In Development" tacked on.


PSA: The Humble Store just dropped a new bundle with nearly the whole RE saga, meaning zero, all remakes (except 4, that's the 2005 version), the mainline games up to Village AND the two Revelations games for $35


Look Japan, I'm already damn broke so the last thing I need is you coming up with more fun/weird crap I want to buy, OK? https://i.imgur.com/Ovm1dhT.mp4


Top tier relationship right here, folks


The leaked images from the Deadpool 3 set tell me we've come a long, looooooong way from 2009


PSA: Warhammer 40,000: Gladius and Hue are free to keep on Steam right now


I totally missed the initial Phantom Blade: Zero announcement but looking at the trailer that game looks damn good. Almost as if they put Nioh, Ninja Gaiden Black and Sekiro in a blender and then took the result as a base concept.


This sounds way too good to be true... but if it is Omni Man better have a "I'm gonna rip your heart out" fatality. Also, the dialogs will be insane.


PSA: Metro Last Light (original, not the Redux version) is a giveaway at Steam until May 25 so go get it.


Seems Sony has a leak, yet again. Also Death Stranding 2 re-confirmed? Updated link: https://imgur.com/a/WRrfvOB


So I just watched the first ep of Mashle and my first thought is "Japan just took the Harry Spotter - The Boy Who Lifted joke at face value and ran with it". And honestly? it's hilarious.


For all the trash talk about consoles by some PC enthusiasts, lately, it's obvious one of the main reasons people chose consoles in the first place is still alive and well.


OK Dtoid, just to make sure here's another PSA: Remember the chromium browser exploit I warned about before? there's a second one so if you didn't the first time update your browser ASAP. Details in the video


PSA: Heads up Dtoid, if you're using a chromium based browser (Chrome, Opera, Brave among others) make sure it's up to date because there's a new Zero day exploit around and it's being used actively.


The Mod of the Year Winner may already be a out in the wild: Play Half-Life: Alyx without VR!. No, really, I have no clue how they did it but they did it.


Well, the dream is over, the chance of a 3rd American McGee's Alice game is dead and buried thanks to EA being the Konami of the West.


Sooooo, apparently EA has been sending a survey asking if people are interested in a Dead Space 2/3 remakes. Has anyone here received it? also, I'm damn positive I want a remake of the 3rd game but not quite sure for the 2nd. What say you, dtoid?.


So I just read about the new changes to Ashley's gameplay in the RE4 Remake and it almost sounds like Sheva 2.0. It's in Capcom's best interests to NOT mess this up because I'll always have the original to fall back if they do.


So I just found out Winnie-the-Pooh: Blood and Honey is an actual film and that there's two more films in a similar vein involving Bambi and Peter Pan in production. All I can say is: did Hollywood loose their freaking minds? WTF, people...


Did Elden Ring get delisted from Steam? WTF?!!?


So I just found out there's a Drug Dealer Simulator game. Not quite sure what to do with this information but I'm leaning towards playing a character named Heisenberg, just for kicks.


Word on the street is that Stranger of Paradise is essentially Nioh 3. Can any Dtoiders that tried the demo confirm this?, here's a waifu for your troubles.


So Konami just announced this Getsu Fuma Den: Undying Moon game and while I like the concept (a Metroidvania in the Nioh setting with Okami's aesthetics) the only thing I can think is how they plan to botch it. Your thoughts Dtoid?


So it seems Miranda's butt was too much to handle in the ME remaster and has been "changed". I wonder what else was "upgraded".


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