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Super Metroid - BESTEST GAME EVAR!!1!

The lights are off and only the gentle glow of the science lab monitors stop the room from falling into total darkness. Across the floor lie the bodies of dead scientists. The computer systems seem to be active still and supporting the only...


You, me and the PSN hack [fed up hearing about it yet?]

People have complained that I often write a wall of text. So, heres a picture to shut them up first.. As James Brown would say �Lets get on the good foot.� I fucking LOVE videogames. I always have. No other medium gives me so many emotio...


Portal 2

We all expected a tight script. The first game had a tight script. We all expected intelligent wit. After all, the first game was full of intelligent wit. I don�t want to sound repetitive here, but we all expected amazingly constructed puzz...


space invaders artwork

I noticed that Destructoiders tend to enjoy videogame based art. I do a bit of scribbling myself. I drew this picture quite a long time ago and figured that I would post it here for no reason other than some of you might enjoy it :D 'new ...


please verify your age

This is a really quick blog post that I need to write. Destructoid I would like to thank you! On your age rated videos you have a simple entry box, which asks the viewer to type in their date of birth. This is very quick and very efficient,...


ignorant or thoughtless?

I love destructoid and I generally love its community. But, lately it seems to be descending into a childish pit of obscenity and disrespect. It is obvious from visiting this site daily that the team put a huge amount of effort in behind th...


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