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Gamer: The Movie: The Fuc.....?

Gamer came out, and I saw it. Now, to be fair, before I go on this rant, I have to put out there that I know it wasn't supposed to be a deep movie but at the same time it also probably wasn't supposed to objectify not only gamers but tech...


D&D? Why not?

So for those of you that were there, we had a discussion on the IRC last night about starting a possible Dungeons and Dragons campaign for Dtoiders. Now the main problem with this is getting people together to do such a thing. And how d...


Skin Deep: Serious Sam 2

Skin Deep is a description of a game based entirely on its cover art. No actual information about the game is used to create it, just going by the cover and coming up with an idea of what the game might be about. Serious Sam 2 Some ga...


More MST3K episodes up

I have added more episodes recently to the MST3K site for people to see. They include Bloodlust, Pod People, Merlins Shop of Mystical Wonders, Hobgoblins, and The Undead. I will post more updates as I finish them, but uploading takes hours...


MST3K for everyone

This isn't game related, but I wanted to share it, as I specifically made it for Dtoiders. I have made a Mogulus channel for the specific love of Mystery Science Theater 3000 and want to share it with others. I have named it Bigby's Powe...


PC gaming ain't goin nowhere bitches.

There is no way in hell that PC gaming is dying out and you have lost your damn mind if you think that. PC is where games are born and flourish outside of their release dates. They are real community things where you can mod to your he...


Here comes the remix.

Games are pretty old. Well, older than most gamers anyway. Way back in the 80's was the heyday of the first renaissance of games. And even with the crash at the time, a new generation cropped up even more powerful than the last. And ...


More video than game.

We have all been there. A certain portion of a game we recently got, that is so damn tough it feels as if you will never ever ever pass it and it will continue to mock your inadequacy. I'm looking at you Ninja Gaiden. But anyway, when ...


Game shoes

I recently bought some shoes, the same kind I have bought for the past year. They are a cheap kind I pick up, but the entire sole is a super comfortable foam thing, no rubber at all. It's like walking on pillows. However they only come i...


Playing With Others: Bring the Funny

There are few things in any multiplayer game that I search for more than this, humor. Not for me is the over Moutain Dew addled smack talkathon's that come from frats that are more comfortable in their native environment of Xbox live and t...


Pick a controller and please STFU

After a good long while now, in game years anyway, I think we are settled into our niches for now. One thing that seems to have gotten alot of people riled up is the advent of what is called casual games. Now the Wii is usually put at ...


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