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Well, I finally caught Covid. Holy shit last night was rough, sweats, chills, high fever, the works. I hope it doesn't get worse.


Oh dear god. I'm seeing them at their Toronto show in late October, it's going to be a wild one.


Car broke down on my way to work. Hopefully it can be fixed, otherwise I'm going to be out thousands of dollars to get a new one. Current status:


Went to see Coheed and Cambria last night. Missed part of the show due to them starting 40 minutes early, but what I saw was good. Back at work today, so that means less XC3 from now on. Pic related.


So, surprising no one, I too am loving XC3. It's absolutely enthralling in a way that X and 2 weren't able to reach. If it keeps up as it is, I may even entertain the idea of it being better than one. Pic related.


Bad Multiversus DLC character idea: The General Lee from Dukes of Hazzard.


Looks like Xenoblade 3 is leaking online. Time to enter the bomb shelters, people!


Cat game was good. Excellent environmental storytelling, and some cool characters too. Controlling the cat wasn't nearly as agile as I feel like it should have been, but it was fine.


It's #Monday again, and I'm working late. Luckily I'm off tomorrow so I can play Stray all I want.


My next video, on Sticker Star is finally out! It's, uh, a little less kind than most of my previous ones. One more bump for the weekend crowd!


Aww yeah, verified. Not going to be there for super long, but I'm glad to be in a single-digit placement for a while at least.


I am now completely up to date with One Piece. I am exhausted, but excited to start reading week to week once it comes back.


Boy I sure am happy Nintendo has done literally nothing to prepare their website for selling the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 special edition again. It sure is fun to sit on a waiting site for hours just to be logged out and unable to make a purchase.


Looks like we're getting our chance for the XC3 special edition tomorrow. Maybe Nintendo have hired a few more hamsters to power their servers this time.


Well, mystery solved.


The Xenoblade direct did the "Show story scenes out of order and with mismatched dialogue to not give stuff away" but I think I'm getting what they're going for. More importantly, it showed a ton of new gameplay stuff and I'm incredibly excited.


Hmm, looks like the PS5's PS2 emulation isn't perfect. I'm playing Dark Cloud 2 again, and getting loads of graphical bugs that didn't happen on PS4.


Oh yeah, top 10. Got the run in the comments if anyone wants to see the new route.


My PS5 should be arriving at some point today. I'm pretty stoked, but is it weird that I'm more interested in playing Astro's Playroom than I am for Horizon Forbidden West?


So I'm doing this again. 15 seconds away from being top 10 worldwide in No Major Glitches. I don't want to upload the run though, because it's hideous.


Well, holy shit. I was able to order a PS5.


Today we use our power to fell a web server, and sieze our special editions!


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