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18 minute psych jam? Don't mind if I do!


The best bug I've experienced in Elden Ring is getting summoned, and immediately getting kicked, while getting boss rewards for a boss that is still alive. Who says there's no such thing as a free lunch?


Oh man these times are going down, dude. I think I'm actually top 15 now. Shouldn't be for long, but I'll take it.


You're a beautiful man, Kamportnop.


A new frame-perfect trick was found in Dread that can save two and a half minutes. I've got three days to make use of that before Elden Ring envelops all of my time.


Uh, I didn't think I played that much Pokemon X. I guess I was a lot more into the competitive battling than I thought.


Oh, Metroid Dread's rookie mode doubles the amount of missiles you get at the start. Yeah, that's going to be the standard speedrun difficulty from now on.


XENOBLADE CHRONICLES 3 OH MY GOD I can't fucking wait dude.


Found my first shiny in Arceus. I wasn't even looking for any!


Bidoof? More like Big Oof, am I right?


Man, reading the Iwata Asks for Sticker Star never fails to make me angry.


Well, Pokemon Legends reviews are out, and they're actually good! I honestly didn't expect it, but I'm very pleasantly surprised.


Oh hey, I finished a video. If you wanted to hear me talk about Metroid Dread for about 2/3 of the time it takes for me to beat the game, well then have I got good news for you! Bump for the weekend crowd!


New year, new achievements. Just 15 seconds away from breaking into the top 20. I'm gonna get there, it'll just take a bit more time. Bump! Posted the video, for those who want to check it out. There's some new tricks at the start, it's pretty cool now!


Current status. Thankfully I have a long weekend ahead, which I can use to also not sleep.


Welp, I guess for games that released in 2021, my list would have to be 5. New Pokemon Snap 4. Inscryption 3. Monster Hunter Rise 2. NEO: The World Ends With You 1. Metroid Dread


So far, Aggretsuko season 4 is so much better than season 3. The idol detour was really meh, but season 4 is way more focused on the core characters again, which is where the show really shines.


The VO for my next video is finally done. The pro: it's shorter than my TWEWY script. The con: it's only a little bit shorter than my TWEWY script.


And the award for least surprising screenshot of the year goes to:


Oh hell yes. That's four full-odds shinies in less than three weeks. I'm going to actually play the game for a while now.


Oh, and I'm still doing this. Now I'm fighting the Phantom Cloak boss with 15 missiles and no charge beam, because that's a lot of fun (not fun)


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