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And the award for least surprising screenshot of the year goes to:


Oh hell yes. That's four full-odds shinies in less than three weeks. I'm going to actually play the game for a while now.


Oh, and I'm still doing this. Now I'm fighting the Phantom Cloak boss with 15 missiles and no charge beam, because that's a lot of fun (not fun)


What comes after Butterfly 3000? Butterfly 3001 of course! 16/21 tracks, remixed coming next month. Apparently they're still on track for three albums this year too. These guys have to take a break at some point x.x


I am an altered beast. (#4 is the TWEWY/NEO:TWEWY playlist)


The Christmas pasta has arrived early. Oh boy!


I try to get out, but they just pull me back in.


If only I had even 1% of my shiny luck in any other aspect of life lol. Not pictured: my shiny Shinx that I found a few days ago.


Christmas music has now started, and I will now experience an eternity of suffering condensed into 5 weeks.


I can now start playing the game.


Can I sleep now? I think I can sleep now. Edit: Posted the video, for those who want to see it!


And of course I find a shiny Starly in the tutorial battle.


BECOME AS GODS Edit: Got the video uploaded, for those who want to check it out.


Latest Dread run puts me at 64th overall and 10th in the new no major glitches category. I'm getting closer and closer. Pic unrelated, but very relevant.


PC Update: It turns out the RAM was the issue, and it's what died. Got new sticks, got it installed, and everything is up and running properly again. So that was not nearly as expensive and awful as it could have been.


New best time in Dread. I know I lost like 5 minutes thanks to an emmi death and some bad execution. I can probably work my way into the top 50 with a few more good attempts. (Still going to submit this run regardless)


Oof, my PC just up and died, and no longer posts. I'm going to do some troubleshooting, but I have a feeling the motherboard is RIP.


Got a new video finished! I'm starting a new journey, one that'll take me through all the Paper Mario games. I really want to talk about the bad ones, but I may as well go through the good ones first. One last bump for the weekend crowd!


Let's fucking goooo


I'm getting very close, very close indeed. Funnily enough, this game counts all cutscenes in the IGT, so this is probably actually less than two hours in play.


Yoo God of War coming to PC in January. I just played it on PS4 recently, but I'll definitely jump back in on PC.


Nintendo/MercurySteam have to be really careful when patching Dread. Fixing the crashes? Sure. But if they remove the tricks/exploits speedrunners use, that may actually increase piracy. MercurySteam probably understands this, but Nintendo may not.


Aww yeah, now that's a half-decent time. Wasted a lot of time making some wrong turns, but I'm getting there.


So yeah, any good I have to say about the Animal Crossing update is drowned out by how awful the NSO Expansion Pack pricing is. At least they aren't increasing the price of the standard plan. That shouldn't be the silver lining.


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