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And here it is, it's finally done. It's by far my longest video to date, I sure hope I don't cover anything else that requires this much detail any time soon. Give it a watch if you have like an hour lol. One final bump for the weekend crowd!


See? I told you all I wasn't obsessed. I didn't even play it every other day this year!


Hurdy gurdy man is my favourite.


Oh baby this is getting fast.


So, the Callisto Protocol reviews are basically "It's just Dead Space. 10/10", or "It's just Dead Space. 6/10." I guess I'm sold.


New Pokemon game, same shiny luck.


I broke what I imagine will be the final 5 minute barrier in this category (for me at least) unless the route changes again. Very happy with this, despite losing a ton of time at one point. (Run is in the comments if you want to see it)


Got like zero sleep last night. Being awake is entirely pain. Pretty average @monday


Denim laminated. Past illuminated. Evil stimulated. Future pixelated. Laminated Denim!


I bet EVGA is laughing their asses off right now. It's just like Nvidia to send out a bunch of partner-exclusive GPUs, then turn around and say, "Actually, we're not going to launch that card, lol."


Current Destructoid status:


Maybe if I hide in my profile page, I can be me for a while.


The boys put out a new record today, and it's pretty wacky. It's super weird to know that by time I go to see them in less than two weeks, they'll have released another one too.


As it is written, as it shall be.


After a bit of a Covid-related delay, I have finally finished my video on Colour Splash! Give it a watch if you're interested! One last bump for the weekend crowd!


Well, on the bright side, the Direct is bound to be better than the state of play.


I'm still recovering from covid, and my voice is a few semitones too low. Unrelated #monday


Got a new watch, so I figured it was about time I updated the watch face I made a few years ago. I think it turned out really well this time.


Well, I finally caught Covid. Holy shit last night was rough, sweats, chills, high fever, the works. I hope it doesn't get worse.


Oh dear god. I'm seeing them at their Toronto show in late October, it's going to be a wild one.


Car broke down on my way to work. Hopefully it can be fixed, otherwise I'm going to be out thousands of dollars to get a new one. Current status:


Went to see Coheed and Cambria last night. Missed part of the show due to them starting 40 minutes early, but what I saw was good. Back at work today, so that means less XC3 from now on. Pic related.


So, surprising no one, I too am loving XC3. It's absolutely enthralling in a way that X and 2 weren't able to reach. If it keeps up as it is, I may even entertain the idea of it being better than one. Pic related.


Bad Multiversus DLC character idea: The General Lee from Dukes of Hazzard.


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