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(Uh oh!) back to the lab again, (oh no!) back to the lab again, (he messed up!) back to the lab again, (not again!) back to the lab again.


This is a good development. It basically means it's getting the Metroid Prime 4 treatment, but giving it to a bigger, more experienced studio that's actually worked on Prince of Persia before is ultimately a good thing.


As the resident Gizzhead, I am legally obligated to inform the release of a new album. It's a weird one too- see Sadie Sorceress, an Beastie Boys style rap-rock banger.


Mom has covid, so I probably won't be able to go to work this week. #monday status:


Finally beat Elden Ring! 110 hours for my main character. Overall I loved it, but, I have some thoughts. They will be in the comments.


Finally got around to modding my Switch. Now to dump all my games and upscale the hell out of them on PC.


So it turns out I have sleep apnea and exploding head syndrome. That's cool, and definitely explains why I can no longer get any good sleep.


Chad Monolith Soft bumping the release date up, not delaying.


The next video in my series covering Paper Mario is finally done! Hopefully it won't take 6 months to get a video on Super done, but you never know. Edit for the weekend crowd! If you want to hear me rave about TTYD for almost an hour here you go!


Let's fucking GOOOO. I think I may be done for a while.


It's good to have some Funeral-esque Arcade Fire back, especially after whatever the hell they were doing on Everything Now.


Who needs a PS5 when you've got a new amp and harmonicas?


So, when are we getting Elden Ring Fit Adventure? Make it happen, happen-making people.


18 minute psych jam? Don't mind if I do!


The best bug I've experienced in Elden Ring is getting summoned, and immediately getting kicked, while getting boss rewards for a boss that is still alive. Who says there's no such thing as a free lunch?


Oh man these times are going down, dude. I think I'm actually top 15 now. Shouldn't be for long, but I'll take it.


You're a beautiful man, Kamportnop.


A new frame-perfect trick was found in Dread that can save two and a half minutes. I've got three days to make use of that before Elden Ring envelops all of my time.


Uh, I didn't think I played that much Pokemon X. I guess I was a lot more into the competitive battling than I thought.


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