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TurboGrafx-16 Mini's full game line-up has been announced. It's weird mix of American and Japanese releases, including the Japanese version of Snatcher, some awesome, expensive shooters, but no Magical Chase, Splatterhouse, or Galaga '90. Still promising.


Sega just announced its final twelve (yep, twelve!) titles for the Genesis Mini. Overall, this latest announcement boasts some great stuff, but alas, with two unfortunate omissions--no Rocket Knight Adventures, nor Crusader of Centy. Still excited!


Toys "R" Us Goes Bust, Taking a Generation of Dreams

Toys "R" Us, that iconic and ubiquitous childhood refuge, has finally shuttered its doors, heaving its last goodbye beneath banners and signs wildly proclaiming its slow demise. The retail chain, so often associated with everything gol...

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