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I think Pop Team Epic has worn me down into the 'its pretty funny' territory.


QUATTRO FEAR-MAGGI: fresh mozzarella, fontina, gorgonzola and parmesan cheese, crispy pancetta, fresh basil leaves, garlic mayo + spicy tomato sauce. #ZBoftheWeek


Pauline. That is all.


Local barcade just got a Nidhogg machine. Neato


Sunset Overdrive is five dollars on steam, and just as a reminder the game is absolutely awesome. JSRF x Ratchet and Clank x Spiderman 2.


So Bullet Train is just Archer x Snatch the movie, huh?


Finished Chained Echos. Didn't care for it too much, but its more 'not for me' than 'poorly made'.


Have a Majora's Mask playthrough in the background and it got me thinking: it would be cool to have a game in the world of Hyrule without being Link. Playing as Zoras and stuff.


Dwarf Fortress hired someone to stream the game on twitch, and its the most chill ass stream sessions. Its so refreshing.


Got my full manual set up (wheel, clutch pedal, shifter) going in Horizon, and it is overwhelming my brain to remember to do everything. What fun


Also, have some pho. This was my dinner tonight, at the place that wont he audience vote form Pho King. As expected, very good. Love me some pho


After 13 years I finished up my first adult job. Everything is handed in and now I get 3 days to chill until the next (better paying) one


CRYSTAL LAKE CATCH OF THE DAY: crispy fried Mahi Mahi, chipotle lump crab tartar sauce, crunchy curtido slaw + housemade dill pickles.


Chained Echos has everything going for it, but it winds up being this wonderful mediocrity. Makes me sad. Still, new RPG is better than no RPG, so it does keep me entertained.


Made an Extra Life team for 2023! Open to anyone, join if you want at: https://www.extra-life.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=donorDrive.team&teamID=63849


Old Chungus. That's the tweet


I found a race of furry monkey faced crocodiles, who I wound up training. I also made a bar out of solid gold with copper tables, and the bartenders are gorloks forced into slave labor.


Its wild how if you squint your eyes, Chrono Trigger looks like Dragon Ball. The world is pretty magical with coincidences like that, isn't it


I stayed up until 1:00 playing Dwarf Fortress. I now have a functional waterfall, troll prisoners, a Sparta pit, and trained giant rats. <3


Getting closer to the correct time to DUEL! Hot proxies in my area


Fiiiiif. Am bueno and playing Dwarf Fortress


I made a blog about board games that my friends like to play. The weird ones. The really weird ones. And pass the pigs.


Unboring Board Games for Bored Gamers

I had a bug in my butt to write about some board games that my friends enjoy, so figured I would jot it down for your enjoyment!  There are more, so I tried to focus on ones that you may not have heard of (DAE play Cards Against H...


I now have a small burlap sack full of contempt tokens. And a board game is in there, too, I guess


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