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So the king moved into my fortress, so trade skyrocketed. I accidentally purchased a tome about necromancy. I have weaponized the necromancer as crack invasion forces, and have captured 4 goblin cities. I LOVE this game.


With the price I got it at, I am not convinced it's authentic but oh my God it's beautiful


I've been driving for like 20 years and I still don't know exactly what the circle button by the AC does or when is the best time to press it.


Fishing is now banned in my settlement in Dwarf Fortress. Story in comments.


Anyone remember a book about little pewter monsters that was sold at schoolastic book fairs?


"KRAMPUS ‘22: Monterey Jack patty, lamb chorizo rojo patty, crispy pork + lamb chorizo verde taquitos, Christmas Sauce (salsa roja, salsa blanca, salsa verde), shredded lettuce, pico de gallo + crispy jalapeño caps." I mean, yeah. Bonus lunch in comme


Just as a reminder if you like XCom, Xmen, or Anime, that you may like Troubleshooter: Abandoned Children.


Lost about a dozen men to giant bluejays. Then another dozen to a forgotten beast. And then, somehow - miraculously - a caravan of over 20 dwarves showed up to my fort. We're back in business, baby!


I want to get Valkyrie Elysium, but it looks kind of crap. Any thoughts from folks here?


Well, after being at my company for 13 years, I scored myself an external position for an extra 40k. For the Emperor?


Fuck me Dwarf Fortress is addicting. My new fort has a moat, a llama fucking zone, the man who invented homelessness, and a migrant whose sole profession was 'gelder'.


Well, my third fortress was trampled by giraffes. I watched a dwarven child care for the only 2 adults for 6 months, and noticed that I had captured a merchant guinea pig. Time for the next fort I suppose.


Did a steam dive last night. TLOU is comign to PC? That's neat. And I hope that Chained Echos is good. Looked enough like Chrono Triger to get, so that's going to be my after work game today I think


Went to the Pho King cookoff today. I got to meet the mascot, Pho King Noods! It was a really sweet vibe with great food, would go again next year.


Lets get festive up in this bitch


2 of my top 5 games of the year so far are dwarf related and I don't know how to feel about that.


"ROAST BEAST '22: Swiss cheese, caramelized beef short rib, garlic butter mushrooms, fried crispy potato string nest, garlic mayo + short rib demi glace. #ZBoftheWeek." Short n sweet. Sold


Tales from the Fortress! Putting some interesting stories from last night into a post


Dwarf Fortress PC is not insurmountable to get into now, but still has many UI issues. So far, I have only had a dwarf get possessed, beeline to the anvil where me made a legendary forge and gifted it to a foreign nation. As one does.


Its still weird to me that when I think about a game where your choices actually matter my mind goes to Alpha Protocol. That game did so much right, except everything that matters.


Game #48 of the year is Yakuza 0. What a wonderful cloth engine. Gameplay was fine. Majima's half is much better, but Kiryu has better combat. I am totally fine taking a break form the series then doing Kiwami


Wrapping up Yakuza, and I recognized when someone said good grief in Japanese. Too much Jojo, I guess.


Have an interview scheduled for a job that would be a 50 percent pay raise but would have me leave me job of 13.5 years. Mixed feelings


Merry Dwarf Fortress day, to those who celebrate.


I got a bunch of moogles to protect some kids. Now to see if they will actually fight for them. Got Molulu, Moghan, and Moguel. I gained some gil from it, but I consider it my contribution to the Returners.


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