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Lord help me, I want to double dip on Tetris Effect for switch so I can play it for a week while I'm away from my computer.


I drove 300 miles to take this selfie


All S ranks on Normal in Tetris Effect! Plus, I got an A on Marathon. All without T spins, because they boggle my mind, so I just ignore them.


Happy birthday to my hetero lifemate


Got 2 perfectrises and got a SS rank on the last level of Tetris Effect. Only 1 set of stages and I will have S rankings on all of normal!


Today sucks. Have memes for breakfast


If you have exactly 8 people, Captain Sonar is so much fun.


"ZOM-BIEBER: mozzarella, bolognese poutine fries, maple bacon + Texas toast bun." In theory yes, but for whatever reason, no, I dont think I would eat this.


Going to download MTGA for ipad so I can idly play magic while doing something else. Hopefully I can play it for free well enough - not looking to make tier 1 decks, just draft and dick around.


So Dark Soul 3 with guns is actually somehwat balanced. Its just a zero animation crossbow, not a 'win the game' button. Its fun to have a reason to go back into the game.


☀️\[T]/ 420 Praise it \[T]/ ☀️. Playing Dark Souls 3 with gun on my stream at twitch.tv/taterchimp.


Man, Starlink Battle for Atlas is the most YA Novel style game I have played in a long time. A few really interesting ideas in there so far.


I just got a thought of crazy taxi PVP. Like, a taxi battle royale with Burnout style crashes and chases. It sounds dope to me right now


Game 19 of 2022: Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order. The parts that are Star Wars are good, the graphics are good. Having to do a sliding section every ten seconds, climbing for half an hour, and other menial tasks is not good. A fairly 'meh' experience.


My Nier Orchestral arrangement CD shows up tomorrow. So excited to listen to it, but I may have to finally hook up my cd drive to my computer. I dont think I have the sata cables for it, because I have 3 hard drives set up. May require some thinking.


How come nobody talks about Smash Mouth's song Padrino?


In case anyone hasn't screamed into the void lately, today is a new day, so fucking go for it.


If you threw an Amogus party, would it be a sussy bacchanal?


"THE PHOENIX: Spicy breaded marinated chicken breast with Mike’s Hot Honey drizzle, Fresno chile quick pickles, heirloom tomato relish, shredded lettuce and mayo". Their chicken sandwiches are legit really good.


My dog got pneumonia, apparently, so thats a lot of money gone. Think I'm going to treat myself to some new games this weekend, out of spite.


What are good time killer games lately? Story light, easy to play while podcasting


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