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Jack Move has some pretty cool ideas on how to make RPGs. I think its really short, which is a shame because I'm really liking what I'm seeing so far.


"He's an apple that's been inhabited by the spirit of a dead cat, and he absolutely shreds on the drums. He's very cute but also very metal." Sold.


Killed a bottle of whiskey with friends while playing guitar hero on drums and geetar tonight. Not too shabby


Been thinking how one could make a game that is basically Furi / Shadow of the Colossus but a jrpg


"THE BURNING: smoked gouda cheese, pork belly burnt ends, jalapeño bacon, Cleveland mustard BBQ sauce, garlic mayo + crispy jalapeño caps." Hot damn!


Wubba wubba. I'm in the pink today.


Designing my own magic cards, I think this ones pretty good.


Woke up. Power is half out. Gave blood. Had hibachi. Cocaine bear. Dinner. Fixing the power now for an obscene amount of money. Exhausted. What a day


Half the power is out today. Fortunately the half with the SNES is fine.


"ZOMBIE! VS. MARDI GRAS: crispy fried mahi mahi filet, holy trinity creole tomato gravy, topped with crispy fried lump crab tossed in creole butter" Not for me, but not bad sounding.


The soundtrack to WET is still good. That game had style (and not a lot else)


Got the platinum in Ghost Warrior Contracts, and kind of wish I didn't. Some mechanics are under baked, so a few achievements are frustrating to get.


Finally I can continue to post good food


Here's one for you, @Occams: "ZOMBIE TAKEDOWN: Fried chicken breast topped with a Mike’s Hot Honey glazed bone-in chicken wing, habanero bacon jam, dill pickle, red cabbage and Tabasco mayo"


Today I remembered that Shamir exists, and wow, that character design still 100% does everything for me.


I need to find myself a chat bot...


Ok, Too Many Colons: Sniper: Ghost Warrior: Contract is a front runner for 'surprise game' of the year. It needs a lot more unlockables and levels, but its at a low price point with good replayability.


Celebrating 11 years with my hetero life mate, Leon.


tater woke up sad, continued to be sad, and then got drunk, and continued to be sad. Been a day


STEAKS BEYOND DEATH: smoked gouda, provolone, seared and sliced sirloin steak, Tabasco onions, garlic mayo, arugula, roma tomatoes, fried egg, housemade A1 Steak Sauce on South Union Bakery garlic focaccia. Could be good but I'd rather have just steak


Best Disney song cover?


Hell yeah, now this looks like an abomination against god. Truly a monument to our sin


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