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Hell yes. Think I'm finally going to go this year.


I remembered that Nier and Rainbow Six are getting a crossover, and wondered if I dreamed it up. Nope. My dream was playing Blister in the Sun with Emilia Clark. Can I swap those?


Lord help me, I'm into Lightning Returns. If this wasn't a Final Fantasy game, it would be a cult indie classic.


So far my personal GOTY list (year being year I played it) includes: Inscription, Deep Rock Galactic, Resident Evil 8, Elden Ring, Yakuza Like a Dragon, and Metal: Hellsinger.


More food adventures: silken tofu mousse. Tofu, cocoa, and monk fruit maple syrup blended and chilled. It's really good. I added in some peanut powder and salt to it and that will be the next batch for sure


Game 41 (I think) of 2022 is Metal: Hellsinger. I love rhythm games, and this is no exception. Excellently done game, with a huge focus on having fun.


New cards for the collection


Homemade massaman curry!


Forgot if I saw this here or elsewhere, either way, needs some more lovin'


This is not a drill! There is a new Kingdom of Loathing game on steam!


"GORGON: crispy fried feta cheese, gyro meat, marinated Roma tomato and onion, hummus + tzatziki sauce". Slam dunk, 10/10, want inside of me.


The Persona 5 Blog

Spoilers will be rampant and unmarked.  You have been warned.  This is also a train of thought blog, because you all know how the game is by now, so these are my disorganized thoughts. I really like how swingy the combat feel...


Metal: Hellsinger is pretty spectacular from the first hour I played. Love how action packed and just fun everything is.


I keep thinking I want to do an RBO run of Super Metroid, but I know deep in my heart of hearts, I dont have the skill


Wait wait wait...is the ending of P5R just a Jojo reference? ETA: Game 42 beaten, platinum'd at 94 hours


Found a girl who did a Brak cosplay on a dating app, and I'm disappointed that she probably wont like me back.


Yahtzee liked the new Mario x Rabbids game? Color me surprised. I may have to check it out over Thanksgiving break, as I really liked the first one.


I made some yogurt marinated chicken today, and shit, it was great. Would do again.


Vegans get mad when they lose their tempeh


Oh my god. Persona 5 just doesn't. End.


Wow, 69 to 99 is really easy to do in Persona 5.


Sub 4 Hour Dark Souls run, so the night is a wrap


Had a wedding yesterday, so today is my Extra Life day! Tetris > Zelda > Portal > Dark Souls, all to completion! Starting up at 9:00 CST to raise money for the kids. Dark souls begins now!


Decided this Sunday is going to be my Extra Life game day. Will be playing these games to completion. Details in the blog! Hope to see you there! (Tomorrow!)


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