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Kingdom Under Fire was dope, just a reminder.


Waitwaitwait - the jukebox plays Miserlou AND Black Betty? Be still my heart.


There's a mission in B4B where you have to use a Jukebox to lure zombies away while survivors are loaded out, and one of the songs it plays is Miserlou, and its its just at an insane volume, and I love it so much.


B4B update: yeah, no, still really fun.


So excited to play B4B after work today. Liked the beta, like the grind, just happy to have a good, mindless shooty game.


Ahhhh Kaci is back doing TI interviews!!! <3


Played commander last night instead of streaming - first to get eliminated, but it was still very fun. I played passively to not be 'that guy', so I think my deck has some merit.


Absolute unit of a mushroom in my back yard.


The hallucination ending machine chimed, so I made some bean water and booted up the sadness machine in order make food tokens.


Sorry, literally everyone, you were right - Squid Game is good, and I should have watched it sooner. Not done with it yet, but wanted to get that out there.


Played Alien Isolation last night, making more progress than I ever did 4 years ago,and naturally I had a dream/nightmare about it. Mission accomplished.


Small scale fights ahoy


One month until extra life game day!


4 for 1 Zombie Burger special! Aw dip. Putting the burgs in the comments because its too long for one post.


Lets make a game where no one is right, everyone suffers, there is no correct way to resolve things, and give it banging music. So looking forward to playing this again.


Lindsay Lohan is partnering to sell an NFT of her Fursona. The future is looking bright, baby.


Nun themed strip club called Thots and Prayers


There are Delta Rune memes running around with my exact first name and I'm so not used to seeing it anywhere outside my life that it's kind of freaky


Dead Cells was just a little too loud.


No, Mr Bond, I expect you to roll armor save.


Beat Forgetten City today. Neat game, a little short (with branching paths, I suppose). Liked it, but wish I paid less than I did. Such is life.


Don't go spreading the news around too much....Troubleshooters: Abandoned Children is on sale on Steam.


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