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I know there's a few MtG players here - anyone want to try and get a DToid commander group going on Spelltable?


Wow, Skatebird controls like asssssss


That Doom fun game sure is fun adjacent. I'm sure Ill hit the freemium wall soon enough and just give it up.


The dating sim tax game is on itch.io now, and has a deluxe edition that comes with a body pillow. Best timeline.


Bubble Bobble need ray tracing


Just remembered VNV Nations exists


Doing an event I'm calling "Spirits & Spirits" tonight! Playing Aragami 2 (twitch.tv/taterchimp) while drinking. 1 follow = 3 oz of 'beer', 1 sub = 1 oz of Malort. Stop on by if you want!


"THE ARGENTO / thinly sliced Italian beef, fresh mozzarella, crispy fried banana peppers, horseradish sauce and au jus". On the eevee scale, this is a vaporeon: totally would.


Man, the new cutscenes look pretty good.


If you made a bug MMO, would the hard bosses be a Raid?


Session 0 of Dark Souls went very well. Enemies and players are both deadly, and combat has a lot of risk/reward or push/pull. One player died. Ready for sesion 1!


Someone made an anime VN that does your taxes. Just a reminder not to give your SSN to visual novels. Except that one where you are flirting with a Nigerian prince, then you totally can.


Today is the day I get to subject my friends to the Dark Souls 5e RPG! Excited about it as I've had the book for a while and the changes sound very fun


Oh yeah...oh fuck yeah.


Was playing Sniper Contracts 2 (at twitch.tv/taterchimp) and this song came on. It is the PERFECT song for sniping! I also adore the music video, so had to put it here.


Halfway through the Yakuza series now. I would say 7 > 2 > 0 (Majima) > 1 > 0 (Kiyru).


Do you pronounce NES/SNES as 1 syllable, or 3/4 syllables?


"THE TEXAS JAYHAWK MASSACRE: smoked gouda cheese, smoked beef brisket, Backwoods BBQ sauce, mayo, homestyle Prairie Breeze mac + cheese, toasted breadcrumbs, fried chicken tender + Stuntman hot sauce." Nah.


Okay, there's a chapter in Yakuza 2 where it really jumps the shark. I think tis my favorite in the series so far, though, from a gameplay perspective


Sweet, house party is on sale. Now I can finally poison some girls coke with eye droppers after licking the doors so she has to run naked through the house which makes her sister like me. ...or so I read


Is this hand a keep or a mull? Loving my new EDH deck


Sent an invite for a singles night to my bosses wife. Feels good. (We used to hang out, I invited him at work, and it's at a bar with dogs)


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