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Beat Tetris Effect on Hard, and got my sprint to 1.27.xx. I think with that I can consider myself "good" but still in no way an expert. A sub 1:30 sprint makes me very happy, though.


Twitter is so fun today. Surprise testimony about armed insurrectionists in the US, violence at protests, and an illegitimate supreme court...but Mario x Rabbids 2 is coming out, and that looks dope.


Game 25 of 2022: Tiny Tina's Wonderlands. If you like Borderlands, its really good. They let you break the game in fun ways, and the builds and theorycrafting seem open.


Do y'all name your pokemon, or nah? Why?


Okay, Wonderlands lets you break it like a roguelike and I respect that.


Almost an an A grade on Sprint in Tetris Effect. Pleased as punch.


There's something so satisfying about booting up Tetris after not playing for a month and setting a new Marathon and Sprint score (1:45 for sprint!) Anyway, time to protest basic bodily autonomy.


ATTACK OF THE KILLER POMODORI: fresh mozzarella, fried green tomato, heirloom tomato relish, fried banana peppers + sundried tomato mayo.


Was thinking about 'open world Binding of Isaac' and how could would it be if there was a Link to the Past randomizer with 200 items and 4x the boss variety? That would be dope.


I forgot how weird Final Fantasy Tactics is. You have to learn to use items. Defensive spells can miss. So can Raise. If you put your mind to it, you can fight the fifth story fight with Flare and Holy. Its awesome and horrible at once.


Shove that line piece right in my tetrussy


Mods are asleep, post real burgers. "Al Pastor Burger Mexican-marinated pork patty / grilled pineapple / white onion / fresh cilantro/ citrus aioli / toasted bun"


Bunkers and Badasses has some pretty fun gameplay elements, and it seems easy to get overpowered. But how did they add some many QoL improvements while still not fixing anything about the menu since Borderlands 1?


Open world Binding Of Isaac.


I'm having entirely too much fun


Yay, Chainsaw Man is finished. And I think I'm going to try to play FF Tactics as my 'time killing' game. I always remembered it begin awesome, but found it too slow to play, so we will see how it goes.


Game 24 of 2022 is West of Loathing. I still adore this game. Like Disco Elysium meets Fallout New Vegas combined with PG humor. Excellently done, with a lot of nostalgia for me from playing KoL in the libary in high school.


Need ideas for low spec, low thought, PC games? Something I can play while spacing out to TV/work.


Started playing the newest D&D (B&B?) Borderlands, and I'm digging it so far. Character creation has an option to identify by pronouns, which is neat, and you can choose and option that lets you really crank the sliders to make some freaks.


I made an Elden Ring music video and its one of my favorite things I have ever made.


Elden Ring is now platinum'd after a rather enjoyable 114 hours.


I didn't watch, but this seems to be an accurate summary


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