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I am more snot than man today


Had an awesome session of the Dark Souls reskin of D&D. Last minute planning, but I cranked the tension up and really did my best to do set dressing and even some improv on the landscape. It went great! One of my favorite DM sessions


"CAMP CRYSTAL LAKE '23: American cheese, split Certified Angus Beef Hot Dog, BBQ pork baked beans, macaroni salad, housemade salt and vinegar chips, ketchup and mustard" Welcome back


The comments on here made my night better


I specifically requested extra pepperoni. I guess this is like...some.


wow, not Splatoon looking real mediocre


Put up a blog on Triangle Strategy after beating it. Spoilers: great gameplay, bad world/writing.


Triangle Strategy Postmortem

I finally got around to finishing Triangle Strategy after gaining a great foothold in it from my charity stream a few weeks ago.  I want to say that first, I enjoyed this game for the gameplay.  The tactical battles were a lo...


Day 39 of learning Japanese. Learned that if you are talking about how many things there are, you have to learn one of 11 words that all mean "X many" but change if its big things / small things / food / people / electronics. This is going to be hard.


Made it to the final branch in Triangle Strategy. The gameplay is good, but if you aren't expecting the story, its A LOT.


"CORALINE: apple juice-brined pork butt, cheddar cheese, onion rings, Carolina mop sauce, creamy coleslaw + garlic mayo." What a handsome looking burger.


YES. I have been saying this for a while. Games need to grow 'horizontally' instead of 'vertically'. More enemies, more physics, fully explorable cities/worlds.


I found a thing on the internet that gave me a fleeting sense of joy, so I figured I would share it in hopes that it would raise my social status on here.


Think I'm going to stream creb game tonight. Finally got my first win in it (tried to loop another win), so I'm feeling frisky


Busy day, fast borgor post


Here's my pitch: "MassaMonster Curry Burger". Burger, french fry & onion & red pepper hash, coconut red curry sauce, and a smear of peanut butter on the top bun.


Initial thoughts on "Triangle Strategy: The Search for a better IP Name" inside.


Ah, man, we did it! I'm so tired, my throat is sore, but we raised 618 for the kids! Might be more if people trickle in!


Today's the day! 12 hour stream of Triangle Strategy for Extra Life! Highlights are going to be (hopefully) a Dark Souls NG+ speedrun, zombie burger, and of course, smashing the $500 goal. Check my blog for details. Bump 2! 6 hours left!


Had some Rasputins. Is bueno. Decided while tipsy to study Japanese? Nothing better to do. Tomorrow is football. Or Extra life. Either or. Hope to see you all there!


"EL SANTO VS. PAMBAZO: pepperjack, Roberto’s pepperjack + pork belly chile relleno, red chile sauce, black bean aioli, shredded lettuce, guacamole, lime crema, pickled red onion and a fried egg; all on a guajillo chile-dipped and griddled bun." Dat bun


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I also covered the progress of building my own gaming PC. I had no experience, and overall, it wasn't all bad! If you are on the fence about it, I suggest you read about my efforts

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The series never had a part 3, because I was having waaaaay too much fun playing it. Suffice to say that it does alright these days.

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