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Tried out that newfangled Sniper: Ghost Warrior: Contracts and I enjoy it for what it is. Cool scope mechanic. Enemies are dumb as hell, but a stiff breeze kills the player. Large-ish mission sizes.


I need to stay away from the internet this week. Too many strong opinions


Wow, NG+ in Dark Souls is fun for how fast you can fly through the game. Got the platinum, praying that the 3rd Sif Soul was the last one I needed. Wish I would have timed NG++ from start to Anor Londo. Maybe 30 minutes?


I have acquired the Chungus


I would be drunk shitposting on twitch, but no one is live thats cool. I would go live but I doubt I have more than an hour in me. So instead, getting bueno with Spotify recommendations and Dark Souls grinding. Hit me up with good music maybe


"ST. VALENTINE'S DAY MASSACRE ‘23: shaved Chicago-style Italian beef, fried fresh mozzarella + housemade giardiniera; served with au jus." This one calls out to me, as a Chicagoland expat.


Think I'm down to just the boss soul weapons in Dark Souls, then I'm at platinum.


1 Achievement left in Dark Souls for the platinum. Its the bastard achievement of the game, but still, I'm close.


I did some 'light' sequence breaking in Dark Souls. As a result of my hubris, I found a new way to get the firekeeper killed. That one came as a surprise to me.


Of all the things that rubbed me the wrong way in Cyberpunk, trying to make choom happen was one of them. But I do kind of want to make choom happen.


Three achievements left to platinum Dark Souls. Getting them all again has really gotten me into the nooks and crannies I never visit, which has been fun to explore again


Something so satisfying about finishing a beer then standing up and realizing it was stronger than you thought.


"BAT OUT OF HELL: bourbon Helldorado-glazed meatloaf, pepperjack cheese, jalapeño bacon, carmelized onion + jalapeño, crispy potato nest, chipotle queso on Texas toast ". Ok but like for real this time I need this


Well this fucking rocks.


Walking into a public bathroom when you see someone walking out and hoping you don't pick the warm seat. Call that flushin roulette


Listening to new music at work and found: Finnish Symphonic power metal band doing a cover of an ABBA song that sounds like Madonna went metal in the 80s with some slappin bass, awesome synth, and alto vocals. Its odd how many boxes that ticks for me


Now job is great! It is kicking my butt, though, which has been unfortunate for down time. I'm currently relaxing with Dark Souls, of all things.


I think Pop Team Epic has worn me down into the 'its pretty funny' territory.


QUATTRO FEAR-MAGGI: fresh mozzarella, fontina, gorgonzola and parmesan cheese, crispy pancetta, fresh basil leaves, garlic mayo + spicy tomato sauce. #ZBoftheWeek


Pauline. That is all.


Local barcade just got a Nidhogg machine. Neato


Sunset Overdrive is five dollars on steam, and just as a reminder the game is absolutely awesome. JSRF x Ratchet and Clank x Spiderman 2.


So Bullet Train is just Archer x Snatch the movie, huh?


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