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"RAGBRAINS: Monterey Jack cheese, thick-cut slab bacon, Busch Light de burgo sauce + Iowa pico de gallo" New specials for the bike ride across Iowa this week (RAGBRAI).


I havent had a good birria taco yet. It sounds so lovely.


A good chimichuri sauce is hard to beat


Sounds pretty dang good to me


Can we all admit that the Wiimote was a really well designed controller?


First time I played Weird West I had to stop because I had what was likely a panic attack - felt like I was dying. I spent all day today playing it, and it has a lot of cool ideas and mechanics. Starting to really get into it!


Beat Yakuza 3 with a 12% clear rate. Low percent speedrun I guess?


GIVE ME HOTDOGS OR GIVE ME DEATH: quarter-pound Certified Angus Beef hot dog wrapped in jalapeño bacon; topped with BBQ pork belly burnt ends, aged cheddar cheese sauce, charred sweet corn and heirloom tomato salsa and served with fresh fried potato chip


taterchimp is on cohost


"ZOMBIE-RITE: seasoned ground beef, Cheez Whiz, sautéed beer onion, pickles, Zombie Sauce + yellow mustard; served with fries. " A Maid Rite is like a saucless sloppy joe in Iowa, so this looks like some good comfort food for folks.


Do you ever use your calf muscles as a speedbag? Were you a jelly bean? In a past life?


The new Spotify DJ is pretty cool, and feels like a good use of technology. Threw this banger my way today, too.


Local restaurant meme game on point


I am having altogether too much fun playing The Good Life.


10/1 for Metal Gear means I know what I'm doing for Extra Life!


Signed by one Danny Trejo. Now to find a deck to put it in


What a fun trailer. I dont think it jives with the feel of the game, but hell, it seems fun so why not


I also stream! I shoot for Mondays and Wednesdays at twitch.tv/taterchimp. Any revenue from the stream goes to Extra Life as well. I'm staring up the good life tonight at 5:30 CST, and it looks like I will be the only person streaming it! Pic unrelated.


Death Stranding is an amazing game (as long as you know what the gameplay is). Everyone did an amazing job with VA/mocap, and the story is typical Kojima madness. What a lovely game.


The other ponies have also all been captured 👍


Pitch: zombie game taking inspiration from Katamari. Infect the house / neighborhood / town / district


Its been worth it to play 30 hours of Death Stranding just for the record scratch moment. Amazing.


PIG: pulled pork, pork belly burnt ends, house-made chive-bacon American cheese, Carolina mop sauce, jalapeño bacon, Dead Guy sauce + mayo. #ZBoftheWeek. Hell yeah


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