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Reading random spoilers for Catherine really makes me appreciate just how buckwild the game is. So glad I beat it after owning it for 11 years.


Sojiro guides you through a sex dungeon while Kaine tries to ruin your relationship with Kawakami, meanwhile your friend Weiss is jealous of your scoring single life ability. Its the game that keeps giving.


Green been casserole soup, cauliflower gratin, silken tofu chocolate peanut butter mousse, and spatchcocked chicken with homemade gravy. And black coffee for digestion


I really want to do what I'm going to call the "Chris Carter" challenge and beat 52 games in 52 weeks. I think I have to pick shorter games to do it, and that feels like a compromise. Anyway, time to start up Yakuza 0


Game 45 Completed of 2022 is Hellblade. A game that demands your full attention with such amazing sound design backed by insane visuals. Tackles mental issues in a really fascinating way. Well worth a revisit.


Stock: reducing. Chicken: dry brining. Pud: ding.


Got my ass kicked in Dota pubs, but by god was it fun


Game 44 of 2022: Deadly Premonition 2. Don't play it. It isn't good


Got Catherine and P5 Strikers on the switch. Catherine on PC just killed itself trying to run, so I'm glad it was on sale. Also been a white whale of mine because I've never been in a good headspace for "I have too many girlfriends" as a real problem


I cannot stress enough how real of an event this is


Did it crash, or is it loading? The Deadly Premonition 2 experience!


Flu shot & covid shot are kicking my ass, so I'm trying out Deadly Premonition 2 again. Its hard to be surprised by 'wacky premise: the game' after you played the original, but I'm hoping it finds its own charm.


Spent 95 hour in Persona. I knew that I was going to be bored once it ended. Fortunately, I had Lightning Returns in the backlog for another 30. Now I'm bored as hell.


"THANKSKILLING ‘22: cheddar patty, pulled turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, green bean casserole croquette + cranberry mayo; served open-faced on a fried stuffing bun." They should have sent a poet.


Lightning Returns Thoughts

Lightning Returns is a really strange game.  If you remember my “Final Fantasy as Cakes” blog, this game is definitely not a cake.  It’s a Final Fantasy game where you don’t have levels, you don’...


New idea: Drunk History, but explaining the plot of JRPGs. This may become a pet project of mine


I'm kind of mad that Lightning Returns is actually good.


58 sidequests (us pl2 failed, 2 'impossible') out of 66 total, and all 5 main quests done in Lightning Returns. Time for the bonus dungeon, then cleaning this game up.


Hit $2,000 for Extra Life this year!


Hell yes. Think I'm finally going to go this year.


I remembered that Nier and Rainbow Six are getting a crossover, and wondered if I dreamed it up. Nope. My dream was playing Blister in the Sun with Emilia Clark. Can I swap those?


Lord help me, I'm into Lightning Returns. If this wasn't a Final Fantasy game, it would be a cult indie classic.


So far my personal GOTY list (year being year I played it) includes: Inscription, Deep Rock Galactic, Resident Evil 8, Elden Ring, Yakuza Like a Dragon, and Metal: Hellsinger.


More food adventures: silken tofu mousse. Tofu, cocoa, and monk fruit maple syrup blended and chilled. It's really good. I added in some peanut powder and salt to it and that will be the next batch for sure


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