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Where Flanx at?


The vending machine at work fucked up and gave me two beef jerky packets.


I really wish I had the kind of "fuck it" money some of these people have lol.


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Still trying to clear out the desk so just more 15mm shenanigans for the penny wars. Billy Banger, The Boulevard Bully™.


In an effort to clear out my table and in combination with being in the 4th ed mood I got another Dawizharr done👍 Also I would like an open world warhammer quest game in the same vein as vermintide lol.


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Worked alot of hours this week so got myself something nice. "Goldilocks" the Dwarf sniper. Viking forge has alot of the old asgard fantasy line so I just splurged on em lol. Shocked at the sculpt because you wouldn't know it was a 42 year old design!


It's June 15th!


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June 11th Status:


Darktide better be excluded from all the snide space horror posts because that achskullay takes place on a hive world. I am looking forward to The Callisto Protocol though...


My biggest fear for darktide is the ungodly amount of cosmetic transactions they're inevitably gonna put in...


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It's been about 3 weeks since my last standard 28mm mini so made this a special one. A classic troll slayer I'm gonna be using for Warhammer Quest since I'm not desperate (yet) on paying $150 a figure. Yes the orange took forever lol.


Haven't been painting as much as I've wanted this past 2 weeks but hoping to change that. Got some more 15mm fantasy stuff done and pretty soon I'm gonna have a whole village lol.


As a side note, since apparently you play as the penal legion in Darktide here's hoping they put this class in at some point.


Literally the only good thing to come out of the skull fest stream...


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