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Alright, I have finished Return to Castle Wolfenstein. You ever have on of those games where you swear you beat already? Anyways it was fine lol. Enemies were a bit too bullet spongey for my liking coupled with no hit feedback. Current Status:


Casual Sunday Evening Status:


Alright, it's that time of year where my paint output is gonna slowdown due to the damn heat. So I put extra work into this mini lol. Behold! Ludwig von Herzhald, the Bögenhafen captain. Scibor minis continues to make my favorite line of minis ever👍


After 70 something hours I'm calling my Oblivion revisit finished for now. Still got shivering isles to do but I kinda wanna do something else lol. Current Status:


Yeah, no cohost for me. I took a poke around and it doesn't really seem like my thing. Oh well, I'll still be here and on discord until the end days of dtoid. Current Status:


Alright, another 40 year old piece of lead all finished lol. this guy has been in the works for awhile now. Dar Richtermann, Primate of the Temple of Judgement! This has also been an experiment in photography too on my end...


Average Tuesday Status:


Casual Sunday Evening Status:


Quick and dirty one for today. Some Kmart brand skaven courtesy of harlequin! Using this one for advanced heroquest and it fits right in lol.


Friday Night Status:


Alright, reaper mini #29 is complete👍 Using this guy as a counts as tilean mercenary captain. Only problem is I couldn't really get a good shot of this guy but oh well.


Average Tuesday Status:


June 11th Status:


Hot damn did this take a while! Plaguevex Gnawmark, Exalted Champion of Nurgle. I've had this guy in the trash hoard of minis I got and painted him to go with my next reaper mini lol. Nurgle stuff is always a joy to paint 👍


Average Tuesday Status:


Sunday Twang Status:


Alright I'm not gonna be painting white for quite awhile lol. I got a reaper mini order in and realized I have way too many reaper minis I haven't even opened yet! This month I'm gonna thin the herd and try to do 30 of em. Wish me luck...


The first official orc of the year! Believe it or not... This is an asgard minis classic from 84 👍 Got an assload more (surprising I know) I gotta test paint for a future project. Expect something more modern next time though lol.


Permanent Status:


Average Tuesday Status:


Alright, I have finished my Boltgun trek and I have to say, it is probably one of the best 40k games of the bunch👍 My feeling pretty much match Zoey's review though, iffy level design with no map and weird item pickup placement make it sloppy.


Welp, still no space marine 2 release date so I'm gonna go ahead and guess it's March of 2024. Sad Status:


Current Status:


I dunno if it's a compliment or an insult but the Boltgun sprites remind me a whole lot of Witchaven for some reason...


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