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Can't we just have fun again?

You know what I really, really miss?  Being able to enjoy videogames as an escape from reality.  These days, I'm constantly bombarded from all sides by friends, fans, and websites about some new scandal in the industry.  ...


My Favorite Game: Final Fantasy Tactics

It seems almost expected that gamers around the world would, at the very least, consider a Final Fantasy title as their favorite or most-cherished game of all time. And, in truth, it feels almost cliche to choose one of the many title...


Ten Things! Ten Things! Ten Things!

Well, it's interesting that this is going to be my first blog post EVAR on D-Toid. �I've actually been a long, long, loooooong time lurker and just joined yesterday! �Why did I wait so long? �Don't know! �I think it stems from having a lot ...


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Hiya! I'm just your average joe who loves to play the vidya games. My earliest memory is playing Super Mario on NES when I was 3. I have a sizable collection of games spanning the decades. I love my Super Nintendo more than some of my family. I remember more about games I've played than my own past.

I think I have a problem.